25 June 2014

What Now?


What now? is a question I keep on asking myself a lot lately. Yesterday I finished my second year of college and I will hopefully leave with a Level 3 Floristry qualification to add to my Level 2. I know for a fact that I want to be a florist and that its something I can see myself doing forever and to be honest I would love to do it forever as its such a rewarding job, but getting a job is hard! I knew that it would be unlikely to get a job in a florist straight from college but that doesn't mean I haven't tried, the frustrating thing is is that people do even want free work off me! I have even tried places other than a florist but its useless haha.
Regarding next year, I have applied at a local college for a makeup and nails course, a hobby I'm interested in and want to learn more about but I'm not sure a third year at college is something I want to do, I have been thinking about doing an apprenticeship in floristry but certain things have been holding me back from applying for it. But if I think rationally about it it makes sense to do it, at the moment I'm jobless and doing an apprentice would got me industry experience as well as a wage and it will help me get more into the floristry industry which is an industry I hope to spend the rest of my life in.
And just for fun I thought I would throw in a picture of a top table arrangement I made a little while ago :)

 At the moment I'm not going to worry as I don't see a point in it but I'm sure life will work itself out if I keep trying.

I know this was a different type of post to the usual but I imagine its something a lot of people go through.

Teresa x

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  1. I went through the same thing when I finished college. Everything will work out in the end :) have a great day.

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