30 June 2014

Today's Nails #26


I painted my friends nails over the weekend and used Barry M Bluegrape nail polish, it looked amazing so it went on my nails too! Lying at the bottom of my nail polish bag I found my box of little gems which I had brought ages ago but had forgotten about! So I popped a few on my nails and in the thumb and ring finger of both hands I did a little leopard print design.

Products used are...
*OPI Nail Envy
*Barry M Gelly in Bluegrape
*Sinful colours in Snow Me White
* Maybelline colour show in blackout
*essie good to go topcoat
*mixed gems I got from eBay

I really hope that the sun comes back out soon! Where I live it's been raining for the last week which is such bad timing as we've just had our garden completly made over and all I want to do is sit in it and soak up some sun but no, the rain has other plans. Fingers crossed for Sunshine! 

Teresa x

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