06 June 2014

May Favorites 2014


June is here! I actually cant believe how fast the year has gone, its just unreal. During may, other than my usual, I've fund myslef reaching for a few other things.

My first favorite is one I actually haven't had for that long, I think I got it about a week to week and a half before the end of may, but I love it already! This is the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation, I've been on the hunt for a foundation for ages and I always thing that foundation is something that you should spend a bit more money on. This makes my skin look healthy and gives it a nice glow plus the coverage is really nice too.

I've found myself using the is NARS Ride up to the moon palette a lot more this month too. It is just stunning! its got absolutely gorgeous colours in it which have the most beautiful shimmer to them. They are really long lasting too which makes me love it even more!
The Barry M Kohl eye pencil is the perfect colour I have been searching for ( I say searching but I haven't really looked that hard) I cant find a name on it but its the matte brown one. This looks lovely in the waterline as it adds the definition but its not as harsh as black which is the whole reason I brought it.
A little while ago QVC launched Tarte on their site, of course I had to by one of their blushes. The shade I brought is True Love which a lovely bright-ish pink. I've reached for this a lot more this month too mostly because its beautiful and lasts me all day. I will be buying another but I think I will wait till I have the money for a Sephora us order as they work out much cheaper.

I've never really worn a highlighter but at Christmas I got the Benefit little love potions gift set and in it was the beauty that is High Beam. As soon as this little sample runs out I will definitely be buying the full size because I just find it stunning, it adds a beautiful look to my cheeks.
I've been getting more into eye brushes this year and the one I've loved this month is Crown Brush C441 Deluxe blending crease brush. When I first got this I sort of forgot about it and it just sat there unused for a while, but I tried it this month and I now use it every day. It bleds shadow so lovely I need to buy another for when this one gets dirty and I'm too lazy clean it!

So there are my May favorites, I'd love to know what your favorites have been.

Teresa x

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