02 June 2014

InvisiBobble - The traceless hair tie Review

When it comes to my hair a bobble is always an essential, although I love long hair I quite often tie it up when doing things as I can't stand it all around my face, however putting my hair up at random times through the day at home and at college I'm often left with the awful bobble kink. I had heard about Invisibobble a few times on twitter but never really thought it was something I should buy. A few weeks ago I was in Boots and went to the hair section to get a few more bobbles and saw Invisibobble on the shelf, if I'm honest, I brought these out of pure curiosity. 

Naturally curiosity couldn't wait until the next day to try these, so that afternoon I tied up my hair. The first bobble I put in my hair snapped straight away whilst I was putting it in! I don't know if this was my fault for being heavy handed or if it was just a dodgy one but so far the others have survived. That night I took it out and no kink!
The thing I found most strange with these is how they look, just like how telephone cords used to look. But it's this shape that stops them from kinking the hair, the telephone cord style of them puts uneven pressure on the hair which prevents kinking.
Top - unused, bottom - stretches slightly with use, Right - the broken one

The Invisibobble claims to

* Be traceless - Yes absolutely, I can wear this all day and have no kink when I take my hair down in the evening.

*Avoid headaches - I cant say if it avoids headaches because I don't get headaches when I wear my hair up, but its not giving me a headache which is good.

*Caring to the hair - I don't really understand how a bobble can be caring to the hair, I'm assuming it wont break or pull the hair. I do find that when I remove the bobble, because of its rubbery texture it can pull on my hair a bit which can be uncomfortable.

*Wearable with all hair types - My hair type is medium length, thick and straight (ish) and I find it works fine with it, I cant comment on how it would be with fine or curly hair but don't see it being a massive problem if your hair is fine or curly.

* Bracelet feature - I do wear this on my wrist but its not the most attractive thing however with other bracelets I can see it working quite well. It also leave a funny looking dent in me skin when its on my wrist

Other than the fact that they don't kink the hair, I was quite surprised at how strong it held my hair up, for some reason I wasn't expecting to do that well and leave no kink but I'm definitely pleasantly surprised by these.

Overall I love Invisibobble and will continue to use them, I am extremely glad they do actually work! A strong hold, no kink what more can you ask for from a bobble?

These retail for £3.75 which I do think is a bit steep for three bobbles! I brought mine from here

Have you tried these? what do you think?

Teresa x


  1. It's a shame that the first one snapped! I love that they don't leave a kink though, I'll definitely have to give these a go x


    1. It is! I was a bit gutted haha but they are still worth trying :)


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