04 April 2014

My Pamper Night Routine


I don't know about you, but I love a good pamper night there is just something so wonderful about face masks, hot baths and a foot scrub!

I'm going to cover everything that goes on in one of my pamper nights!

First of all, of course its going to be a bath. My favorite baths usually consist of a Lush bath bomb, for my birthday last December my cousin brought me a massive box of lush bath bombs, I'm still making my way through them! The bath bomb I used this time was one called twilight, it smelt incredible, and a nice surprise that this one gave me was it created bubbles! A thing I'm not that fond of though is that just before I got out of the bath I noticed it had a LOT of shimmer in it! I looked like a disco ball.

Just before draining the water of the bath I sit on the edge and give my feet a good scrub, for this I use Joules Foot scrub, I'm not fussy about which scrub I use its normally just any I can find lying around my room. Once out the bath I put on Joules foot lotion.

Next its on to the face, I didn't wear any makeup this day so I just gave my face a quick wipe over with the L'Oreal Micellar Solution and then applied my face mask. The face mask I used is the Mudd deep cleaning, I'm trying to use more face masks as they are quite the rare occurance these days. after the mask is off I use my all time favorite moisturiser Aveeno cream, I really need to review this soon because its been fantastic for my skin!

Here I am looking rather scary!
Once the face is done its time for nails! This time round I used Rimmel  Metal Rush in 60 Royal Blue and for my thumb and ring finger I used Rimmel Cocktail Colour in 110 Baby Bellini with OPI Nail Envy and essie quick dry top coat.

So here is my pamper routine, I like to keep it quite short becuase I'm not one for faffing around with lots of things.

Have a lovely day!
Teresa x

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