11 April 2014

Meeting Ed Sheeran!!

About 2 weeks ago I was extremely lucky to win tickets to an "up close and personal" gig with Ed Sheeran! I am a massive fan of his and when I won I was literally so exited leading up to the day I couldn't contain myself. Last Tuesday 8th april I turned up at my local radio station, which is where it was being held and we taken to a room of less than 30 people.
When he arrived I was so starstruck! he sang us 4 songs which were Lego House, Kiss Me, Drunk and You need me I don't need you. After all the songs he invited us all up to have pictures with him and he would sign anything if we wanted him to.
I was so exited to actually get to meet him, he was so lovely to us and seemed lije a genuinly nice guy. I was annoyingly shy and thinking back I wish I had spoke more to him than I did but I got a great selfie with him and also his autograph! 

Oh how much I wanted to ruffle his hair!

Above is my picture with him and below that is a little picture I managed to snap before I had to go, unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures/record him whilst he sang to us which was a shame as I would have like more pictures haha!

It was by far the best day of my life and I feel extremely lucky to have been given the chance to meet him and hear him sing live! His voice sounded amazing live and I could have sat there all day listening to him :)

Teresa x

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