20 February 2014

NARS oil-free eye makeup remover - Review

Hello lovelies!!!

I was very surprised to receive the NARS gentle eye makeup remover for Christmas, I didn't even know that NARS did and eye makeup remover so it was a shock, my mum brought it for me the same time she got the Ride up to the Moon palette (which i will review soon!)

This is by far not the cheapest eye makeup remover out their but I had tried so many that haven't worked (between me and you, I think my mum was fed up of me moaning about not been able to remove my mascara properly!) its a massive £18.50!
I absolutely love this product! it works wonders to remove my makeup. You have to give it a good shake to combine both parts and then tip some out onto a cotton pad, I the hold it on my eye for a few seconds and wipe it away, eye shadow melts off instantly and stubborn waterproof mascara takes a few swipes before every last bit of it is removed. The liquid does separate quite quickly so I give it shake before I move onto my other eye.
All shaken up!

It is really easy to control how much comes out of the bottle because of the type of cap it has on, it lets the liquid out in drops but with a gentle squeeze a small stream of liquid can come out.
Another really great thing about NARS eye makeup remover is that if it goes into your eyes it doesn't sting at all, it does feel a bit oily on the skin which I find particularly strange since it says its oil-free but that doesn't bother me as it comes off easy with my face wash afterwards
Overall I am super impressed with this, I do save it for when I wear waterproof mascara only because its so expensive but I would definitely buy it again as its the only thing I've tried that's actually worked!

Have you tried this? would you buy it?

Teresa x

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