04 January 2014

My Blog Turns 1!!!

Hello lovelies!!!

I can't believe that one year ago today, I sat down reading other blogs and decided I fancied a go at it myself, so instead of doing college work I made my blog and wrote my first post. I called my blog Little Bits of Sunshine, because  I literally had no idea what I was doing or where I was even going with my blog  I couldn't really think of a decent name. So Little Bots of Sunshine seems appropriate and generic for which ever direction it went.
 I remember getting really exited when I logged into blogger the next day to see that somebody had actually seen my blog! And then getting more exited when a week or two later I got my first follower! As time went by I gained more views and followers and still to this day I get happy when someone follows and I appreciate every single one of you. 
In August/September I decided I needed a name change, I wasn't liking Little Bits of Sunshine any more so I gave my blog a much needed makeover and name change to The Beauty Bow, which is much more fitting since I mostly blog about beauty and I love bows. (Although I'm still not quite happy with how it looks)At this point I finally new where I was going with my blog.
Since reading blogs and starting one of my own I've gotten a very keen interest in makeup and fashion which isn't a good thing for my bank account because now when I see a great review of something I've had my eye on it makes me want to buy it even more!
The whole blogging community has really blown me away too, I didn't realise there were so many bloggers out in the world and how nice all the ones I've spoken to are.
I hope to have many more years of blogging ahead of me as I absolutely love it!

Thanks for being around!

Teresa xxx

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  1. Aww this is such a lovely post, your blog has grown so much in just a year. Well done, I hope it keeps going well for you.



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