06 January 2014

Mac Syrup lipstick - Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies!!!

How's the year treating you so far? Are you managing to stick to your resolutions? I certainly aren't! I have no will power whatsoever and the amount of chocolate and biscuits still in my house from Christmas is never ending!

Anyway, for my birthday last month my lovely aunt treated me to a mac eyeshadow, paint pot and four lipsticks, one of those lipstick is Syrup which I'm going to review for you now :)

I can honestly say that  Syrup is by far my favourite lipstick ever! I've worn it almost everyday in the month that I've had it which says a lot as I normally only wear lipstick when I go out in evenings.
Mac describes Syrup as a "Cloudy Pink"  I would says its more of a mauve/berry as its not as pink as I would say a pink lipstick would be (if that makes sense!) 
Syrup is one of their Lustre finish lipsticks which means it's not as pigmented as the other lipstick finishes they do which I quite like as it makes it more suitable for everyday use because of that sheer and shiny look it gives. I am a massive dry lip sufferer and I find this lipstick feels really hydrating and doesn't emphasise or cling to any dry skin I have in my lips, it glides on really easily and is quite creamy too. Considering how creamy it is it has a great staying time of around two hours which is when I then touch it up (I also always wear lip balm under lipsticks), it doesn't make it through a meal though.
My mum also really loves this lipstick and has tried it on a few times and it looks great on her, she has pink undertones and I have yellow so there is a good chance it will suit you.
I do think that it's more of a winter shade but you could probably get away with it in the summer to if you wear it sheer.

Overall I absolutely adore this lipstick, I would by it again in a heartbeat when it runs out and would recommend or it anyone who wants a natural berry colour. These sell for £15 each and you get them either in store or on macs website.

Have you got this lipstick?

Teresa x


  1. This shade looks lovely! Might have to give it a try soon!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

    1. it is beautiful i definitely recommend it :)

  2. I really like the formula of MACs Lustre lipsticks, its my favourite of the ones ive tried, they're pretty long lasting without being uncomfortable. Love this shade i'll have to add it to my wish list! x

    Molly's Beauty Spot | A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Lovely colour, perfect for the winter! I would love to see a picture of it on :)

    1. it really is a lovely colour :) I did try to get a picture of it on but I couldn't get a decent one unfortunately :(


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