03 January 2014

Illamasqua Blizzard Nail polish - review and swatches

Hello lovelies!!!

I was a bit naughty a week before Christmas and made a sneaky little illamasqua purchase using my birthday discount code! One of the things I got was their new Blizzard nail polish from their Christmas collection, I also got a free belladonna lipgloss because I brought from the Christmas collection.

The Blizzard nail polish is packed full of different sizes matt white glitter which when applied to your nails gives the effect of it snowing (which I'm assuming is why they called it Blizzard a very well fitting name). 
The brush is pretty standard, if you've used an illamasqua nail polish before its the same but if not its a normal small brush.
It's so perfect for this time if year and really adds a bit of interest to any colour you put it over.
It lasts as long as the nail polish underneath it lasts before it starts chipping and it is glitter (minus the sparkle) so it is a bit tricky to get off.

Overall I absolutely love Blizzard and illamasqua did a great job with it. It's beautiful and easily creates a winter wonderland with a stroke of the brush.

This sells at £14.50 from Illamasquas website here  

What do you think of illamasqua Blizzard nail polish? Is it something you'd wear?

Teresa x


  1. It's beautiful and it reminds me of the Nails Inc Snowflake effect that I've loved so much this season :o). Xx

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