06 December 2013

Today's Nails #21

Hello lovelies!!!

For my birthday my mum and dad treated me to a manicure and pedicure (both of which I had never experienced before) I was super exited and it was such a lovely and relaxing treat (even better than the beautician is my cousin!)
I know some people are grossed out by feet so I chose not to put a picture of my toes incase you don't like feet, but here's a picture of my finger nails!

I have no clue what polishes were used as I couldn't see a brand name on the bottles
 But they were two she used, a two tone purple topped with a purple glitter topcoat.

I loved the whole experience but my favourite part was definitely the scrubs (they felt so good on both hands and feet!) and the foot mask which was amazing!

Have a nice day! 

Teresa x

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