25 November 2013

The Christmas Tag!

Hello lovelies!!!

I was tagged by Hannah Hearts to do this tag. I love Christmas so much its ridiculous! I swear I get more exited the older I get and all it leads to is my family thinking I'm nuts because I want the decorations up in September!

1. Do you prefer real Christmas trees or synthetic?

I have never had a real Christmas tree! Its always been synthetic in my house, which is a shame because I would love a real one.

2 Your in a coffee shop, in December, what do you pick?

Assuming that the coffee shop is Starbucks, its always a gingerbread latte ( one of the perks of  having a Starbucks within college!) if its another one that don't do Gingerbread lattes then its a hot chocolate.

3. Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?

I don't have much say on what goes on the tree, but in our living room we have reds and golds on that tree and in our dining room we have blues, whites and silver on our bigger tree.

4. Giving or receiving?

Obviously I love receiving, but giving is really great too give too, I especially love shopping for people.

5. to mince or not to mice?

I hate mince pies, I might be brave and taste one again this year as its been quite a while since I last tasted it, but I'm convinced it will be awful still.

6. Whats your traditional Sunday lunch?

I don't have a "tradition Sunday lunch" we eat whatever, its normally Christmas day we have the proper roast dinner.

7. Christmas day fashion?

Normally if I have had new clothes, I will wear them, but this year I plan on wearing a Christmas jumper, with reindeer leggings and Christmas socks :)

8. Whats your favourite Christmas song?

I can never think of the name of the one I really love, but I love them all!

9. Whats your favourite Christmas film?

This is a really hard question because its so hard to pick! I love them all haha.

10. Open presents before or after lunch?

Who can wiat until they have eaten lunch? as soon as I wake up I drag everyone out of bed and have the present opening time very early in the morning, way before breakfast!

I specificaly tag Peace love and makeup to do this tag, but I also tag everyone who reads it!

Merry Christmas!

Teresa x


  1. You have starbucks in your college! So jealous! Loved reading this :)

    Hannah Heartss xxx

    1. I do! Haha even better is its literally 5 steps from my classroom door :) xx

  2. I'm loving reading all the Christmas posts atm, it's definitely getting me in the festive spirit! I'm with you on opening presents early too, some of my friends wait until later on but I get too excited! :) x

  3. I didn't have a real Christmas tree until a few years ago, you're not alone!

    Sharlotte xxx

  4. My favourite film is Elf, i love it so much!




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