01 November 2013


Hello lovelies!!!

 Its my second favourite occasion of the year (Christmas is the first). It give me a great excuse to dress up and do my make up really crazy, although I don't go trick or treating and tend to stay in the house on Halloween I still like to dress up and scare all the little kids that knock on our door.
I also love carving pumpkins, I can see myself being very old and wrinkly and still carving a pumpkin every Halloween. This year i opted for something other than the standard scary face and did a vampire, while my younger brother did a ghost.

I also made some Halloween cupcakes with my mum, despite the fact that the first batch turned out awful! and burned on the outside whilst still being raw in the middle, the second batch tasted amazing!

I have done a few Halloween nail art tutorials if you are still in the Halloween mood!

Happy Halloween

Teresa x

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