07 October 2013

MUA Undress Me Too Palette-Review and swatches

Hello Lovelies!!!

I have had the MUA undress Me Too pallet for ages and I have no idea why its taken me so long to write this review.

The packaging is quite sturdy and doesn't feel like it would come open if you were travelling with it, its the same as their other pallets but instead of being black its white. It has a clear window so you can see the eye shadows through the packaging which makes it easier to find the colours you want without having to open all your palettes.
On the back of the packaging there is a picture with all the names of the different shades and a quick look you can do with the pallet. It also comes with a sponge applicator I tried to use it a couple of time but really didn't like it.

from left to right - Naked, Devotion, Shy, Fiery, lavish and Dreamy

From left to right - Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, Obsessed and Corrupt.

The eye shadows themselves are really lovely, the palette has three matte shades (Naked, Lavish and Corrupt) and the other nine are all shimmer. The eye shadows have really great pigmentation and last really well on my eyelids, I have found they last a lot more when I use a primer before I apply them, they last a good six hours before I start to notice any signs of fading.
The only issue I have is that the shade Lavish, apart from the first use, it has no pigmentation at all and no matter how much I rub it nothing will come off, I am assuming that this is just a dud one as I haven't heard anybody else say that they have this problem.
The Undress Me Too Palette is really versatile, its great for natural day time looks but can be easily used for more dramatic evening looks, I don't tend to do dramatic my usual look with this is either the gold/bronze shades or the shade Shy (which is my favourite shade in the palette).

You can buy this palette for £4 (which is a great price for 12 good quality eye shadows) from MUA website and from Superdrug.

Would you try this palette?

Teresa x


  1. I found the same with mine, in that the Lavish is pretty...bleh. It only shows up a tiny bit....but the rest are great!


  2. When this first was released I got it straight away because I was so impressed with Undressed 1, but I was very disappointed in this 2nd one. However recently I have started to use it again and I actually quite like it since there are a few matte eye shadows. It's a shame they don't last very long but I do quite enjoy it now :o). Xx


  3. Nothing i love more than MUA!

    child abuse survivor blog;

  4. pretty colors, love palettes :)

  5. I've seen so many people rave about this palette but I didn't like it at all myself, the shades were just so weak xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I can't believe I don't own this! Such a great buy, enjoyed reading your review :-)

  7. This is such great value, I really must get it!



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