21 October 2013

Halloween nail tutorial - Mummy Nails!

Hello lovelies!!!

Sorry for my recent absence! But I'm back and bringing you 2 of 6 of my Halloween nail tutorials. 

This tutorial will be of a Mummy! This would be easier if you have a black striper or striper brush, but it can be easily achieved with a cocktail stick.

1. You are going to need to apply a base coat and two coats of white. Then with black draw a rectangle half way up your nail.

2. Draw two lines coming from the rectangle making sure they are on different angles.

3. Now you should have four sections, draw lines within them making sure each of the sections go in different directions.

4. Put two white dots on the black rectangle then two smaller red dots within the white dots.

5. Apply a topcoat and admire your Mummy's!

Products I used are:

17 Miniskirt
Maybelline Colour Show Blackout
Rock and Rose Couture nail art pen .(red)

If you recreate this let me know through twitter or Instagram @thebeautybow

Teresa x

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