11 October 2013

Gravestone Halloween nail art tutorial

Hello lovelies!!!

I love Halloween! It's a great excuse to dress up and wear crazy makeup even if your just staying in the house!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to really play around with my nails so, I decided to do a few (6 to exact) Halloween nail art tutorials!

 This first one is a head/grave stone it's quite easy, you just need to take your time with the letters. This whole design can be done using a cocktail stick if you don't have any brushes.

1. You are of course going to need to apply a base coat, then paint your nails grey.

2. Using the cocktail stick, write RIP on your nails, I started with the "I" to make sure I got it a central as possible.

 3.  Draw the grass at the bottom putting it at different lengths to make it look more overgrown and realistic.

4. Wait for it to dry then add a topcoat!

Products I used are- 
• 17 Mini skirt
• Maybelline Colour Show in Blackout
• Models Own Toxic Apple
• Bourjois Lime Catwalk

I didn't have a grey nail polish so I mixed together Mini skirt (white) with the tiniest amount of Blackout (black).
Also for the grass I didn't have a green that was suitable, so again I mixed together Lime Catwalk and Toxic Apple.
Hope you don't mind that all the tutorials will be on the nail wheel, my nails are so short and in quite bad condition at the minuet so wanted to give them a break.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos! Camera was not co-operating!

Teresa x

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