30 October 2013

Halloween Nail art Tutorial - Vampire

Hello lovelies!!!

I am so sorry for my very extended and unexplained absence  I have had no time to sit down at my computer and write a post, then I tried to blog on the go using an app which wouldn't publish my posts!

But anyway, lets get on to the tutorial.

if you haven't guessed already this is a tutorial for a Vampire, for the face I used white polish, but I would recommend using a pale grey because then you can do the eyes without the black first.

1. Apply a base coat and paint your nails white.
2. Using black, create a "V" at the base of your nail and fill it in, then about 1/3 down your nail draw a diagonal line either side of your nail making sure the meet at a point at the tip of your nail to create the collar.
3. For the eyes, start off with black dots, then add smaller white dots on top, and on top of those add even smaller red dots.

4. add in a straight line for a mouth and two diagonal lines for eyebrows

5. draw blood dripping from either side of his mouth

6. Apply a top coat and enjoy!

Products used are:
17 Miniskirt (white)
Maybelline Colour Show in Blackout
Red nail art pen

Happy Halloween!!

Teresa x

23 October 2013

Halloween Nail Tutorial - Frankenstein

Hello lovelies!!!

Number 3 of my Halloween nail tutorials is the one and only Frankenstein! 

1. Apply a base coat and paint your nails green.

2. Near the base of your nail create little triangles for the hair.

3.put two white dots for the eyes and for the mouth, draw a black horizontal line and draw 3-4 vertical lines over it for the stitches.

4.When the white eyes are dry, put a smaller black dot in the centre. Them add in a smaller white dot just off centre to give him crazy eyes! Don't forget to add in eyebrows!

5. Apply a top coat and enjoy!

Products used are:
A mix of Models Own Toxic Apple and Bourjois Lime Catwalk for the green.
Maybelline colour show in Blackout
17 Mini skirt

I did press a bit to hard when doing the mouth do it looks a bit messy! 

Teresa x

21 October 2013

Halloween nail tutorial - Mummy Nails!

Hello lovelies!!!

Sorry for my recent absence! But I'm back and bringing you 2 of 6 of my Halloween nail tutorials. 

This tutorial will be of a Mummy! This would be easier if you have a black striper or striper brush, but it can be easily achieved with a cocktail stick.

1. You are going to need to apply a base coat and two coats of white. Then with black draw a rectangle half way up your nail.

2. Draw two lines coming from the rectangle making sure they are on different angles.

3. Now you should have four sections, draw lines within them making sure each of the sections go in different directions.

4. Put two white dots on the black rectangle then two smaller red dots within the white dots.

5. Apply a topcoat and admire your Mummy's!

Products I used are:

17 Miniskirt
Maybelline Colour Show Blackout
Rock and Rose Couture nail art pen .(red)

If you recreate this let me know through twitter or Instagram @thebeautybow

Teresa x

14 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hello Lovelies!!!

I have seen this tag going around lots of blogs lately, and I love reading them so since its been a while since I last did a tag I'm joining in on this one!
Here is my failed attempt at taking a cosy Autumn picture!
1. What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
My favourite thing has to be the change in colour and nature, I love all the autumn colours! They just look so pretty, I also love nothing more than walking the dog and standing on all the crunchy leaves!

2. Favourite candle?
I don't really choose the scented candles in my house, that's left up to my mum as we have very different taste in smell, but that being said I love the candle that she brought recently and its Yankee Candle Lake Sunset.

3.Best Lipstick?
I'm still trying to find a nice Autumn lipstick! its the first year ive actually been into wearing lipstick but I seem to be reaching for more red shades.

4. Go to moisturiser?
I'm having so much trouble with skin care at the minuet! every singe thing I try is irritating my skin, including moisturiser but currently I'm using Aveeno cream and its doing an ok job, at least its not giving me a reaction!

5. Go to colours for the eyes?
I usually stick to neutrals all year round, but lately I've wearing Maybellines colour tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate  which is a more plum colour (still quite neutral though!)

6. Favourite band or singer?
I hate this question! whenever someone asks me who my favourite singer is I cant answer it! i love so many different sings and style by different artists its impossible to choose.

7. Favourite outfit to wear?
In the house I live in my pyjamas or a onesie when its cold, but out of the house they are very acceptable to wear haha so just snuggly jumpers.

8.Autumn treat?
Lots of evening baths and hot chocolates with lots of marshmallows and cream mmmm...

9. Favourite place to be?
Snuggled up at home with my family and the dog at my feet,

I tag all of you reading this and leave your link so I can have a look at your answers.

Teresa x

11 October 2013

Gravestone Halloween nail art tutorial

Hello lovelies!!!

I love Halloween! It's a great excuse to dress up and wear crazy makeup even if your just staying in the house!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to really play around with my nails so, I decided to do a few (6 to exact) Halloween nail art tutorials!

 This first one is a head/grave stone it's quite easy, you just need to take your time with the letters. This whole design can be done using a cocktail stick if you don't have any brushes.

1. You are of course going to need to apply a base coat, then paint your nails grey.

2. Using the cocktail stick, write RIP on your nails, I started with the "I" to make sure I got it a central as possible.

 3.  Draw the grass at the bottom putting it at different lengths to make it look more overgrown and realistic.

4. Wait for it to dry then add a topcoat!

Products I used are- 
• 17 Mini skirt
• Maybelline Colour Show in Blackout
• Models Own Toxic Apple
• Bourjois Lime Catwalk

I didn't have a grey nail polish so I mixed together Mini skirt (white) with the tiniest amount of Blackout (black).
Also for the grass I didn't have a green that was suitable, so again I mixed together Lime Catwalk and Toxic Apple.
Hope you don't mind that all the tutorials will be on the nail wheel, my nails are so short and in quite bad condition at the minuet so wanted to give them a break.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos! Camera was not co-operating!

Teresa x

09 October 2013

Illamasqua Volume Mascara in lewd

Hello Lovelies!!!

After using Benefits Bad gal blue mascara for about two years, I was gutted when I found out it had been discontinued and to add to my annoyance I couldn't find a mascara anywhere near the colour of Bad Gal Blue, everyone I found was electric blue and not a more muted navy colour.
Then whilst browsing Illamasqua's sale a few months ago I came across their volume mascara in the shade Lewd, I clicked on it for a closer look and when I realised it was blue, I added it to my basket quicker than you can say "volume mascara" .
When it arrived a few days later I was so pleased to see that it was the exact colour that Benefit Bad Gal blue was.

This mascara is such a beautiful colour, I love wearing blue mascaras because they suit my eyes so much, blue brings out brown eyes and can make the whites of your eyes look whiter, plus its a nice alternative to the usual black.
Illamasqua's Volume mascara does add a lot of volume to my lashes, it also add quite a bit of length too, the lasting power is really great as it lasts all day, the only thing about this mascara (which isn't that bad really) is that it does flake the smallest amount after you have had it on for a few hours, which is no problem because it brushes away really easily. I have noticed that all blue mascaras seem to flake I remember the Benefit Bad Gal blue flaking quite a lot more than Illamasqua's. Other than that I really enjoy wearing this mascara and every time I do I can guarantee that someone will say how lovely it looks.
I couldn't get a good picture of it on my lases so there is a swatch on my wrist further down to show you the true colour.

Overall I'm really impressed with this mascara and I'm super happy I finally managed to find a blue mascara that is the right shade of blue! Illamasqua, never stop making this mascara!!

You can buy this on the Illamasqua website for £15, but I was lucky enough to get it for £5 in the sale (see what else I brought here).

I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out and highly recommend it to everyone.

Would you wear a blue mascara?

Teresa x

07 October 2013

MUA Undress Me Too Palette-Review and swatches

Hello Lovelies!!!

I have had the MUA undress Me Too pallet for ages and I have no idea why its taken me so long to write this review.

The packaging is quite sturdy and doesn't feel like it would come open if you were travelling with it, its the same as their other pallets but instead of being black its white. It has a clear window so you can see the eye shadows through the packaging which makes it easier to find the colours you want without having to open all your palettes.
On the back of the packaging there is a picture with all the names of the different shades and a quick look you can do with the pallet. It also comes with a sponge applicator I tried to use it a couple of time but really didn't like it.

from left to right - Naked, Devotion, Shy, Fiery, lavish and Dreamy

From left to right - Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, Obsessed and Corrupt.

The eye shadows themselves are really lovely, the palette has three matte shades (Naked, Lavish and Corrupt) and the other nine are all shimmer. The eye shadows have really great pigmentation and last really well on my eyelids, I have found they last a lot more when I use a primer before I apply them, they last a good six hours before I start to notice any signs of fading.
The only issue I have is that the shade Lavish, apart from the first use, it has no pigmentation at all and no matter how much I rub it nothing will come off, I am assuming that this is just a dud one as I haven't heard anybody else say that they have this problem.
The Undress Me Too Palette is really versatile, its great for natural day time looks but can be easily used for more dramatic evening looks, I don't tend to do dramatic my usual look with this is either the gold/bronze shades or the shade Shy (which is my favourite shade in the palette).

You can buy this palette for £4 (which is a great price for 12 good quality eye shadows) from MUA website and from Superdrug.

Would you try this palette?

Teresa x

04 October 2013

September Favourites

Hello lovelies!!!

Its not very often I do a favourites post because I tend to use the same products all the time and very rarely venture to others, but this month there have been a few new ones I've been loved using.

I've loved Collections extreme 24hr felt eye liner, its been perfect for creating a cat flick and is very black and pigmented.(review)

Real techniques Expert Face brush. this has been amazing fro my foundation! it blends it in perfectly.(review)

Real Techniques Stippling brush, I love this for applying my Illamasqua cream pigment.(review)

Illamasqua powder eye shadow in Succumb, this a perfect everyday nude and the best part? it doesn't crease! (review)

Illamasqua cream pigment in Androgen, I absolutely love this and have been wearing it on an almost everyday basis, it looks so wonderful as a blush (a review of this is coming soon!)

Magnifibres, this has been great for going out as it really does make a huge difference to my lashes.(review)

MUA Pro base eye primer, I have been using this everyday and it does its job really great. (review)

Nivea hydro care lip balm, this has really given my lips loads of moisture during the colder days.

what have you been loving this month?

Teresa x

02 October 2013

Real Techniques Stippling brush - Review

Hello lovelies!!!

Along with the Core Collection and Expert Face brush, I also brought the Real Techniques Stippling Brush.
I brought this brush because I have one cream blush and I'm planning on buying more, but I find applying it with my fingers a bit difficult.

The Stippling brush apply's blush wonderfully and helps blend it in so it looks really natural. The bristles are so soft and the brush is very lightweight, it picks up a really light amount of product which is great for using with my cream pigment. I have no problems with this brush at all, it washes really well without loosing any bristles and dries quickly too.
I know this was really short but there is not much else to say other than its a great brush and I really recommend getting it.

Have you tried this brush?

Teresa x