25 September 2013

Prairie Charms Lailah Couture Floral Crown

Hello lovelies!!!

I was asked by Prairie Charms if I would like to take part in there project blogger collaboration where they give me 50% off everything on there website. All I had to do was choose something and pay the reduced price! after spending quite a while browsing all the wonderful items on their website I finally settled with the "Lailah Couture Floral crown" This was the first item that caught my eye on their site, it is very stunning and stand out floral crown, I've never worn a floral crown before but I always love seeing other people wearing them so I was extremely exited for it to arrive so I could have a play!

When it arrived I instantly fell in love with the Lailah Crown! Its so fun and bright and I'm yet to find an outfit that it doesn't match, it literally looks amazing with everything! The florist within couldn't resist this, I have made one out of fresh flowers in a similar style a few months back (here) and I wore it until it died (which was about 2 days!) This is what sparked my need for a floral crown that I didn't have to spend all day making and that would last longer than 2 days! 
When the crown arrived (calling it a crown makes me feel like royalty haha!) it was a lot smaller than I expected which I was quite glad about but it was still on the large side, because of my annoyingly flat and limp hair wearing this the standard way was not quite working and made the crown look a bit big for my head! But I have found a way and I love it even more than the standard "straight around the head" way.
Introducing the bun crown...

It was freezing in the house so that's why I am wearing a scarf!
After putting my hair in the usual doughnut bun the flowered part of the crown is the perfect length to fit around my bun, then all I do is wrap the elastic around once, tuck it under the flowers and its done! Every time I wear the Lailah Crown I get so many people saying how wonderful it looks.
I also love to wear this with my hair wavy so it has a bit more volume and the crown fits my head better, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this so you will have to trust me on that one ;).
I did try and paint my nails like the crown but trying to paint the flowers didn't turn out very good so instead I picked out all the colours and did spotty nails instead.
Green for the leaves, and the other colours for the rest of the flowers.
Because I spent over £10 I received this gorgeous glitter bow for free.

The Lailah Crown is one of their bespoke pieces which is no longer available on their website but I definitely recommend taking a look anyway because they have so many gorgeous pieces and I already have my eye on a few!

Teresa x


  1. this is the cutest head band ever!! love it, and the nails im obsessed with nail art at the mo!

    Check out and enter my Giveaway!! :-)

  2. Ohhh it looks so gorgeous on you Teresa, and your nails are soooo cute! Love them xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. ohh that floral crown is so pretty! And that bow too cute, looove the glitter:)


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