30 September 2013

Primark, Superdrug and Boots haul!

Hello lovelies!!!

On Saturday I went shopping with my mum and managed to pick up a few things that I had been lusting after for quite a while now

First stop was Primark, I had no intention of going in here but my mum persuaded me to go and have a look and of course I didn't leave empty handed.

The first thing I got was this lovely coat, I've had the same coat for almost 5 years so it was definetly time to get a new one! This was £25
Then near the till I saw those cute little hair slides and couldn't resist! they were £1.50

Next was Superdrug  the main reason for going in here was to get Sleeks new vintage romance collection. I didn't get the blush because I swatches it and it was far to glittery for me so I just got the pallete instead £7.99, I'm so exited to try this as its my first Sleek pallet. Whilst at the Sleek stand I also got their ink pot gel liner £5.49.

I also got some original source body wash on offer for 99p, cotton pads, a face wash and some lip balm because my lid are so dry the are spotting and bleeding (not fun!).

At Boots I finally got two of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos in on and on bronze and metallic pomegranate for £4.99 each.
Then I got the Bourjois Java Rice loose powder for £9.99.
Have you been shopping lately?

Teresa x



27 September 2013

Today's Nails #19

Hello lovelies!!!

I am loving painting my nails at the moment also OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips, its a perfect pink that's not to bright or to dark.
The dots on my nails aren't as perfect as I would have liked, I got a bit heavy handed on a few and they turned out a bit bigger than the rest!

Have a lovely day!
Teresa x

25 September 2013

Prairie Charms Lailah Couture Floral Crown

Hello lovelies!!!

I was asked by Prairie Charms if I would like to take part in there project blogger collaboration where they give me 50% off everything on there website. All I had to do was choose something and pay the reduced price! after spending quite a while browsing all the wonderful items on their website I finally settled with the "Lailah Couture Floral crown" This was the first item that caught my eye on their site, it is very stunning and stand out floral crown, I've never worn a floral crown before but I always love seeing other people wearing them so I was extremely exited for it to arrive so I could have a play!

When it arrived I instantly fell in love with the Lailah Crown! Its so fun and bright and I'm yet to find an outfit that it doesn't match, it literally looks amazing with everything! The florist within couldn't resist this, I have made one out of fresh flowers in a similar style a few months back (here) and I wore it until it died (which was about 2 days!) This is what sparked my need for a floral crown that I didn't have to spend all day making and that would last longer than 2 days! 
When the crown arrived (calling it a crown makes me feel like royalty haha!) it was a lot smaller than I expected which I was quite glad about but it was still on the large side, because of my annoyingly flat and limp hair wearing this the standard way was not quite working and made the crown look a bit big for my head! But I have found a way and I love it even more than the standard "straight around the head" way.
Introducing the bun crown...

It was freezing in the house so that's why I am wearing a scarf!
After putting my hair in the usual doughnut bun the flowered part of the crown is the perfect length to fit around my bun, then all I do is wrap the elastic around once, tuck it under the flowers and its done! Every time I wear the Lailah Crown I get so many people saying how wonderful it looks.
I also love to wear this with my hair wavy so it has a bit more volume and the crown fits my head better, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this so you will have to trust me on that one ;).
I did try and paint my nails like the crown but trying to paint the flowers didn't turn out very good so instead I picked out all the colours and did spotty nails instead.
Green for the leaves, and the other colours for the rest of the flowers.
Because I spent over £10 I received this gorgeous glitter bow for free.

The Lailah Crown is one of their bespoke pieces which is no longer available on their website but I definitely recommend taking a look anyway because they have so many gorgeous pieces and I already have my eye on a few!

Teresa x

23 September 2013

Today's Nails #18

Hello lovelies!!!

I didn't have a lot of time to paint my nails this week but I really love the combination of the two polishes, I think they look quite Eastery.

Teresa x

21 September 2013

Illamasqua powder eyeshadows in Succumb and Can Can

Hello lovelies!!!

From Illamasqua's sale I got two of there powder eye shadows in Succumb and Can Can for £7.50 and £5.

Can Can                       Succumb

Succumb is a light peachy skin tone shade which I use it every day all over my lid instead of a concealer,it lasts all day with almost no creasing which you cant see unless you are extremely close to me. If I use it with a primer under it the creasing is non-existent! it also covers all my redness and veins in my eyelids.
Can Can is a light purple and I haven't really used it that much but it acts just like Succumb in terms of creasing and lasting power. You hardly need any of both shades because they have really good pigmentation and they both have a matt finish.
Overall I am in love with these eye shadows especially Succumb, I will definitely be repurchasing this when it finishes.

These retail for £15.50 on the Illamasqua website.

Have you tried these?

Teresa x

20 September 2013

A big ramble!

Hello lovelies!!!

I am in a really chit chatty mood tonight I have no idea why haha so I thought I would ramble to you lovely lot since my mum is out of the house and my brother wont listen, my dog is currently clucking like a chicken because he can hear banging outside, I do wonder if he is crossed with a chicken sometimes, Its his guarding bark but its bloody hilarious!!!
I literally have no idea where this post is going, I'm just unwinding from a hectic day at college, my tutor was an hour and a half late because of traffic, then I had to have my pictures taken for the local newspaper (which took ages!) and then they decided to interview me as well which was very awkward since I didn't know the answers to any of the questions and my tutor was looking at me like "what are you talking about?" because I was rambling which is what I do when I cant answer a question! Then we went on to making some lovely ( if I do say so myself) arrangements in wine bottles which I will upload to Instagram later (thebeautybow)
I'm also really gutted about the change of weather lately, its gone so cold my toes are numb ALL THE TIME!! and my mum refuses to put the heating on even though my room is a walk in freezer! Although I moan about the cold I secretly love it, its a sure sign that my birthday is nearing and of course Christmas! Yes I said it its getting close to Christmas and I'm so bloody exited I swear I get more exited the older I get! I even saw Christmas decorations in the garden centre the other day tinsel, Santa's and Christmas trees to name a few.
Anyway, I'm going to stop this post right here before I get to carried away and it goes on forever! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Teresa x

19 September 2013

Today's Nail #17

Hello lovelies!!!

Its been a long time since I last painted any nail art on my nails, but  finally managed to find the time to do it and hopefully I will be getting back into the nail art ways haha!

I have been eyeing up this design for ages! its so effective looking but so quick and easy to do its crazy!

I got so many complement while wearing this I lost count!

Teresa x

17 September 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint - Review

Hello lovelies!!!

So, after hearing rave after rave about the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints I caved and brought one and I'm not disappointed either.

The nail polish was a couple of days old in the picture on my fingers so here is a fresher swatch! 
I brought the shade Blue Grape and it is an absolutely beautiful colour, my eyes were drawn to it whilst approaching the stand in Boots.
The formula of the gelly nail polishes is supposed to be high shine like that of a gel manicure, the nail polish itself is very glossy and shiny and was fully opaque in two coats, without a top coat it lasted without chipping for three days but if you wanted to keep keep it longer I would suggest using a top coat (although that defeats the point of the glossy formula). 
The only negative I have with this nail polish is the smell, it was not the normal nail polish smell and it was pretty awful if I'm honest. But other than the smell it's a lovely nail polish.

Teresa x

16 September 2013

Review - MUA Pro base eye primer

Hello lovelies!!!

In my last Superdrug order (here) I got the MUA pro base eye primer, and in that haul post a few of you requested a review so here it is :)

The point of an eye primer is to smooth the eye lid for an easier application of eye shadow, increase its wear time and stop it from creasing. The MUA Pro base eye primer ticks all the boxes, it goes on really easy and blends in well, it creates a smooth base for my eye shadow and definitely makes it the application of eye shadow easier, I wouldn't say it stops the shadow from completely creasing but it does minimise the creasing a lot and increases the time that my eye shadow stays on.

The packaging is quite basic, a silver tube with Purple writing and a white lid, it has a doe foot applicator and is the same style packaging as the collection lasting perfection concealer.
You apply the The pro base primer to your eyelids with the applicator and gently tap and blend in. The consistency of the primer is very thin it feels almost weightless on your finger and you don't know your wearing it on your eye. The primer has a nude skin tone colour which doesn't show up on skin when blended in, the only thing about this which I would change is I would prefer it if it had more coverage as I have really dark veiny eyelids.

Overall I really like this MUA pro base eye primer, its great if you are looking for one but don't want to spend too much because its only £2.50 and does the job, its probably not the best out there but its working well for me and I would repurchase this when I finish it.

Have you tried this? what's your favourite eye primer?


Ps. sorry for the bad lighting in the pictures! finding time to take pictures in natural light is quite difficult lately

15 September 2013

Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner

Hello lovelies!!!

I lack the patience and skill it requires to apply liquid eye liner but I love a winged liner llook so my solution was a felt tip eye liner. I've brought a few different felt tip eye liners over the last year but my favourite by far is Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner! 
I have no plan on ever keeping make up on for 24 hours but about 9-10 hours is average for me during that time this eye liner stays put with no smudging, no fading and no transferring to the top of my eyelid. 
The eye liner is very black and taking only one swipe for full black opacity, the tip is very fine so if you use a light hand a thin line can be achieved easily, but it can be easily used to create a thicker bolder line. The liner is very easy to apply and doesn't drag my eyelid which I noticed a few other brands did.

For £2.99 this is amazing and I really wish I brought it earlier, it beats so many more expensive ones I have tried.

Overall I really love the collection 24 hour felt tip eye liner and I will definitely but it again when it runs out.

Have you tried this yet? do you like using the felt tip eye liners?

Teresa x

14 September 2013

Magnifibres - Brush-on False Lashes - Review

Hello lovelies!!!

I have wanted try Magnifibres for ages but never got round to buying it, so when I was asked by Magnifibres to review one for them of course I said yes!
The idea of brush on false lashes really appeals to me, because I wear glasses, normal false lashes would get in the way and they seems quite fiddly if I'm honest, whereas Magnifibres are far from fiddly and easy to use and apply.
Magnifibres £20*

Magnifibres just have three simple steps to apply- first you need to apply your mascara and immediately after you need to apply the Magnifibres in the same way as you apply your mascara, your mascara needs to be wet when you apply them to ensure that they stick! Its best to do it one eye at a time.Then you need to wait 30-60 seconds before applying your second coat of mascara. You can put as many coats on as you like to build up more of an intense look and you can use them on your bottom lashes to which I didn't do as my bottom lashes are ridiculously long as they are.
My Before and after...

(Sorry about my messy eyebrows!)

Magnifibres claims to instantly lengthen lashes by up to 5mm, I haven't noticed 5mm of extra length more like one or two but it does give me incredible volume! It literally looks like my eyelashes have doubled in quantity with just one coat of Magnifibres! I wouldn't recommend using more than two coats of the fibres as I found it can start to look like you have very caked and clumpy mascara after two coats. Magnifibres are also really easy to remove, you remove them the same way you would take off you mascara.
The packaging is so adorable! its a black, white and pale pink tube which has tape measures running from top to bottom, when you take the top part of the tube off it has all the steps on how to apply including pictures. the actual tube is white with a slight shimmer which is so, so, so pretty!
One tube of Magnifibres Brush-on False Lashes will give you approximately 60 applications and cost £20 -£21 - you can buy it from magnifibres.com , qvcuk.com , selfridges.com and its currently on sale at beautybay.com.

have you tried Magnifibres before? would you try brush on false lashes?

Teresa x


11 September 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection

Hello lovelies!!!

As well as Buying the Expert Face brush I also Brought the Real Techniques Core Collection which includes four brushes - Buffing brush, Contour brush, Detailer brush and a Pointed foundation brush - and a case that can be used as a stand.

Buffing brush - This brush makes my medium coverage foundation looks full coverage, which is great for those days where I want fuller coverage, it also makes my foundation look very flawless and evenly spread across my face and apply's it easy and effortless.

Pointed Foundation brush - I find this brush way to small for applying foundation and instead I use it for concealer and it works really well. I use a combination of tapping and sweeping (I don't think that's the right word) and it works far better than using my fingers.

Contour brush - I don't contour (although I would love to give it a try) so instead use this brush for blusher and it works really well, blending it in so it looks really natural.

Detailer brush - I haven't use this brush a lot really but the main thing I would use it for is lipstick.

2 in 1 case and stand - The case is great because not only does it hold the brushes from the collection but it also has room for extra brushes so is ideal for travelling. The stand part of the case is great for displaying you brushes but also if you hang it upside down, its brilliant for drying brushes.

All the brushes are extremely soft, wash well and don't loose any bristles also they are made from synthetic bristles and an aluminium handle which makes them very lightweight and pleasant to hold.

The core collection retails for £21.99

Teresa x

07 September 2013

MUA Mosaic Blusher English Rose

Hello Lovelies!!!

I've had this blusher for absolutely ages now and use it on a regular basis. If you haven't already guessed from the title, it MUA's Mosaic Blush in English Rose.

The blusher its self has five different shades, so when swirled together creates a lovely flush of colour on your cheeks.
The lasting power of this blusher is really quite incredible for the £2.50 price tag! on me it lasts at least 5 hours before I start to notice fading and even then I don't feel the need to touch up because it still looks lovely, just a softer colour but still the shimmer. I find this blush quite shimmery so tend to just apply it on the backs of my cheeks and not the apple ( I prefer any blusher there to be honest) and it acts as a bit of a highlighter too! Sometimes I jut use the lightest shade and use that as a highlighter when I wear a different blush.

Although I have used this blush loads I have hardly made a dent so I can see this lasting me a while. The packaging is nothing fancy but feels quite sturdy and doesn't feel as though it would come open in your bag.
Recently I have found myself reaching for this blush over my Benefit Coralista which shocked me a little bit because I love coralista! But I get complemented on it every time I wear it so that's ok.

Overall I absolutely love MUA mosaic blusher its a perfect everyday natural blush with great lasting power and I would definitely buy it again when I run out.
You can buy the blusher from Superdrug or MUA website for just £2.50!

Have you tried this blusher?

Teresa x

05 September 2013

Illamasqua Nail polish in Poke

Hello lovelies!!!

From my Illamasqua sale haul I snagged one of their nail varnishes in the shade Poke.
Poke is a bright purple and has a shimmer finish.

The colour is truly beautiful and one I really enjoy wearing It applys wonderfully and only takes two coats for full opacity.
In the sun or bright light the nail varnish is so sparkly it looks like really tiny diamonds on my nails, I tried to capture that in the picture below but it doesnt do it justice at all.

The lasting power is brilliant too, by day 4 there was the teeny tiniest amount of tip wear that you could only see if you looked closely, on day 5 the smallest chip appeared on my ring finger and thumb and on day 6/7 the tip wear got a little more noticeable but still really small compared to most tip wear.

the wear on the thumb in this picture happened during drying :(

My favourite way to wear this nail polish is with little orange hears on the thumb and ring finger which you can see here.

Overall I am very impressed with this nail polish and is by far my favourite out of my entire nail polish collection, the colour, the staying power and the diamond like effect is truly beautiful!
these nail polishes are £14.50 from the Illamasqua website 
have you tried Illamasqua nail polish before?


04 September 2013

What's in my bag? TAG

Hello lovelies!!!

I love this tag because I'm just a a nosy person haha.

My bag...
Im absessed with this bag! you can read a full post on this bag here

Front pocket...

MUA Power Pout in Irreplaceable, (review here)
A mirror,
2 hair bobbles,
Wax for when my braces rub me,
A strawberry sweet.

Main Part...

My purse,
Revlon Lip butter, (review here)
Nivea lip balm,
paracetamol and nurofen.
There was also a bottle of water in my bag but I forgot to put it in the picture.

Teresa x

02 September 2013

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Hello lovelies!!!

I am assuming you've all heard of Real Techniques Expert Face Brush? If not, where have you been?

I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to get myself this brush along with a few others from Real Techniques and its transformed my foundation. This wonderful little brush is extremely soft and apply's my foundation perfectly.
The brush doesn't loose any hair even when washing it and it dries quite quick too. Whilst using this brush I have found myself using less foundation than I did when I just used my hands and it spreads it evenly and flawless across my face. 
The Expert Face brush has also cut in half the time I take to apply my foundation, because I'm half Sicilian I have lots of light hair on my face (its in the genes!) which you cant see unless to look really close but these used to hold my foundation and it took me forever to blend it out, but using this brush my foundation doesn't get caught on the little hairs! ( I wish I brought the brush ages ago!)  The brush is made with synthetic bristles and an aluminium handle which makes it really lightweight.
Overall I love the Real Techniques Expert Face brush and would definitely buy it again and recommend it to anyone.
You can Buy this brush from Boots for £9.99 or Superdrug for £8.99.

Have you tried the expert face brush?

Teresa x