29 August 2013

My New Favourite Handbag!

Hello Lovelies!!!

I have fallen in love, the birds starting singing, the sun started shining and the world was a better place the second my eyes lay upon this handbag...

Ok slight exaggeration there but I do really love my new bag, so much that I couldn't help but share it with you all. I brought this handbag a couple of weeks ago and have used it every single day since. I know that its not everybody's cup of tea but its certainly mine, the quirky stand out design of the bag just screams my far from simple look and personality.

I love anything old so the cars were what drew me in first, had they been modern cars I wouldn't have given it a second look, plus the bright colours are just fantastic! The bag itself is very light (it almost feels weightless) which is a big bonus because I carry quite heavy stuff in my bag so the added weight of a bag is something I don't need.

Although its big, its not so big that it gets in the way, the size and style makes it really easy to carry and has loads of room inside including a zip pocket and two open pockets and a small zip pocket on the outside.
The bag is real leather and goes with any outfit (even if it didn't I'm pretty sure I'd still wear it anyway!)
I paid £28.99 which I think is quite good for a real leather handbag.

The only downside is I got it from a little shop a few miles from wear I live, it was the only one there and it has no brand name expect from "Envy Collections" written on a tag and I cant find anything like it on the internet (which is quite disappointing)

Would you ever go for a handbag like this?

Teresa x


  1. Ah it's so unique - it's not something I'd personally go for, but I can see why you love it. I love plain brown or black bags <3 xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. really fun and unique bag!




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