08 August 2013

Multi coloured spots nail art tutorial

Hello Lovelies!!!

This is a tutorial for my last Today's Nails.

There are two ways to do this, you can do it straight on your nail, which I tried and just made a big mess! the other way is much easier which is what I'm going to do.

1. Apply a base coat and paint your nails white.

2. Choose what colours you want and how many (I used six different colours)

3. On a plastic wallet or food bag use a dotting tool or a tooth pick to make dots close together and the same shape and size of your nail. (the letters are to remind me which one goes on which finger/thumb)

4. While they are still wet, use a clean cocktail stick ans gently swirl them together, do about two layers to make it stronger.

5. Leave them to dry for at least an hour, overnight if you can.

6. Gently peel them off, they should come of like a sticker (but not sticky) be very gentle and patient so you don't break them.

7. Apply to your nail and trim if needed, then go over with your top coat, make sure you smooth them down to avoid air bubbles.

8. If there are any nails left that don't have the "sticker" on them, use a dotting tool or cocktail stick and using the colours you have previously used dot them along the tips of your nails and finish with a top coat.

9. Enjoy your lovely nails!

The products I used from left to right are:

Rimmel London 825 Sky High
Rimmel London 620 How Do You Lilac It?
Rimmel London 060 Hot and Spicy
Rimmel London 325 Hot Gossip
Bourjois Lime Catwalk 38
Barry M 134 Yellow 
The white I used is 17 Mini Skirt
Top and base coat is Rimmel London 5 in 1 

Hopefully this made some sense feel free to ask any questions if my instructions are not clear enough.

Happy Painting!

Teresa x

(PS If you do this I would love to see a picture tweet me one @LittleBitsOfSun)


  1. Very cute. I'd try it but I'm giving my nails a bit of a break from polishes.


  2. I love this! So going to try this! xx


  3. I tried making a design on plastic wrap, and it was too brittle and broke. :( I think it's because I did a base coat of clear polish before doing my design. I think I'll try your way next time!
    Makeup 'n More By Anna

  4. That is so cool! I had never seen that technique x


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