02 August 2013

Friday Five #1

Hello lovelies!!!

I wanted to start this little series for ages but I've kept forgetting. This is basically going to be five things on a Friday, it could be anything five thing I've loved/hated that week, bargains I've found etc...

Before I start the main part of this post I just want to say that I know a few of you requested a review of a couple of things from my Superdrug order and they will get done, but to my annoyance I've had an allergic reaction to something (not the make up because I haven't used it yet) and I have a itchy, dry blotchy face and scalp (not fun and I just want to rip my head off!) and the doctor has said to wear no make up until it clears (I'm walking around looking like death!)


When I'm at home I always find myself browsing eBay for no reason and quite often I find something I like.


I've seen this crop up a few times and it seems quite good and at £2.80 with free postage its worth a try.

  Blue face brushes

These look like a dupe for the Real Techniques brushes which are really good price anyway but these are £2.99 each with 99p postage, very tempting as I have brought a brush from this seller before and its such good quality.

10 blusher palette

10 powder blushes in a palette for £4.79 with free postage? yes please.

Personalised sign
This is so cute! For the price its really great, you can have anything written on it for £5.99 with £1.40 postage its just the perfect gift or a nice way to decorate your house.

Angel hanging heart
I'm a sucker for hearts, It comes from my mum who cant go to a home d├ęcor shop without buying some sort of heart (its in the genes!) this one is just so adorable and great for £1.59 with 85p postage.

Teresa x


  1. dupes for real techniques brushes? let me know if they are any good and which brush is the best. thanks hehe :) x


  2. Great picks! Loving those brushes and that palette! Yes please! ahah!
    Happy weekend!!
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    Please visit my blog..

    Brittany, xx

  4. I hope your reaction clears up soon! I'm definitely intrigued by those brushes x



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