05 July 2013

eBay Nail Bargains

Hello lovelies!!!

I'm sure you have guessed by now that I love to paint my nails, I will spend hours pianting them sometimes!
As my love of painting my nails has grown my creativity has gone wild which led me to wanting brushes and tools to get a better result. I had a look in shops but everything was so expensive so I decided to look on eBay and I'm so glad I did because everything is so cheap!

My bargains from eBay are definetly some of my best ever buys so Im going to share my finds with you!


Dotting tools - these are so great and quite a recent purchase, for so long I was using a cocktail stick or a hair slide and for £1.49 you get 5 double ended tools so that's 10 different size dots!

Nail art brushes -The linked ones aren't the exact ones I have but they are the same, these have helped so much with the smaller detail these are £2.75 for 15 brushes!


Water transfer wraps - do you remember as a kid those temporary tattoos you used to get in packets of sweets and magazines (my favourite were the tongue ones) These are basically that  but for your nails, I haven't tried these yet so I cant say how good they are but £1.99 plus 69p P+P its not that much of a waste if they don't work.

Studs - I love these! I've used them a few times and they just look so nice, easy and effective these cost just 99p for 100!! 

Gems - these came with a free case and glue and have 3000 gems inside! I haven't counted them to see if that's true though! This is just £2.79.

Striping Tape - These are really think tape that you can use to create stripes and designs on your nails. So far I'm loving them!

That's it so far for my eBay bargains, I hope this helped if you are after some fancy stuff for your nails!

Teresa x


  1. wow so many tools...and I Just love ebay for bargains.

  2. I got some dotting tools a while back and love them. They make nail art so much easier! Great haul lovely :)

    Stacey x

  3. I love your blog so I have nominated you for the Liebster Awards!

    Read my Liebster Award Blog post - http://sle1881.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/liebster-awards.html


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