30 July 2013

I Love Nail Polish TAG

Hello Lovelies!!!

I have seen this tag a few time on youtube now and tought it looked quite fun so Im giving it a go.

1. Favourite base coat?
I only use Rimmel LOndons 5 in 1 nail treat top and base coat for no particular reason other than I'm always at the Rimmel stand haha.

2. Favourite top coat?
Same as above! I do need to find a different top coat though because I hate using the same top and base coat. (I know I''m weird!)

3. Top three favourite nail polish brands? 
This is so hard!! I love so many brands of nail polish and I the same amouont of each brand... one would be MUA I h=only have two of their polishes but they are better than some more expensive ones I own, next would be essie although they are thin I find that they last well, and last would be Rimmel.

4. How often do you paint your nails?
Im trying to make my nail polish last me a week so I only have to do them once a week but at the moment its twice a week (on a Wednesday and a SUnday to be exact)

5. Favourite neutral polish?
I dont really wear neutral polish because i think if you are going to paint your nails make them stand out! a neutral i really do like though is essie's "a crewed interest" its just a lovely peachy/pinky colour.

6. Pink or red anil polishes?
Im not that much of a fan of pink but I wear it quite often on my nails, I also love to wear red beacause its so classic and doesnt need any added extra as its beautiful on its own, but im going to have to say pink because I wear ti more than I wear red.

7.  Glitter or matte nail polish?
This is tuff! I love glitter and I love matte. I think glitter adds abit more without much effort so I'm going to asy glitter.

8. Your go to nail polish at the moment?
I dont really have a go to nail polish beacuse I hate wearing the same colour over and over again, So im going to leave this one with leopard print. (I know its not a polish but ive been wearing it a ot lately in loads of different colours!)

9. what on your nails now? show us.
Here is what on my nails.

10.  If you had a nail polish line what would you name it?
I literally have no clue! I would love to have my own nail polish line though, it would probably be called something really stupid and completely irrelevant to the product because im weird like that haha.

I tag all of you to do this! If you do leave your link in the comments so I can see your answers.

Teresa x

27 July 2013

Todays Nails #15

Hello lovelies!!!

With the weather being so warm lately the last thing I want to do is spend ages painting my nails, so I opted for a quick and easy design using my new Illamasqua nail polish I brought in their sale (see what else I brought here).

The products i used for this are...

**Rimmel London 5 in 1 base and top coat**
**Illamasqua Poke**
**Bourjois Orange Creation**

Have a lovely weekend!

Teresa x

25 July 2013

My first Illamasqua order

Hello Lovelies!!!

It finally happened! I fanally made an order with illamasqua, if it wasnt for their sale I dont think I would of ever brought anything from there.

If you didn't know already Illamasqua are having a big sale where a lot of their products have had big price reductions (the sale is still on but not for much longer). For a long time I have wanted to try some of there products so I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I saw they had a sale!

Here is what I got...

Two powder eye shadows in shades CanCan and Succumb one was £7.50 the other £5.

Two medium pencils in Debonair (blue) and Vow, these were £5 each

Volume Mascara in Lewd ( a beautiful deep blue) £5

Sheer lipgloss in Lily-Rose £5 I'm in love wit this already, also should the brush be pointy? its so hard to apply because of the shape.

Nail Varnish in Poke £5

Eyeliner cake in Danger £5

Cream pigment in Androgen £7.50

In total I spent £50 instead of the £130 it should of been if I were to pay full price! Which is pretty impressive.

I'm really happy with my purchases and love everything.

Did you buy anything from the Illamasqua sale?

Teresa x

23 July 2013

A little Superdrug/MUA haul

Hello lovelies!!!

I hope you have all been well! I first want to say sorry for the lack of activity in here lately I have literally had no idea what to write, blogger block has got me bad at the moment so bare with me!

Superdrug have free delivery until the 30th of July so of course I took slight advantage. I was going to make an order with MUA but was happy to hear about Superdrugs free delivery and brought what I wanted from there instead.

On to the haul...

I finally managed to get my hands on MUAs undress me too pallet, so far I'm loving it! I also got the Pro Base eye primer.

Next I picked up one of their single eyeshadow in shade 1, one of their new blushes in Lolly and mascara in shade 1 (clear).

 Did you take advantage of the free delivery?

Teresa x

18 July 2013

Today's Outfit - Palm Tree Trousers

Hello lovelies!!!

I thought I would try and delve into outfit posts, I love reading them so why not give them a go? I would love if you could leave some constructive criticism in the comments as it would be a really great help!

Ooo I look a bit scared in this one haha

Close up of the print on the trousers

Trousers - H! by henry Holland, Top- old, Shoes - George in ASDA old.

I am so in love with these trousers! I brought them Monday in the sale for £10.50 reduced from £35! I think they are so summery and perfect for the summer days that are not very hot. I did try to put a  link in but unfortunately they aren't on the website.
The top is one I just dug out of the back of my wardrobe I'm not even sure it matches the trousers that well but its all I had in the summer top department so it will have to do!
The shoes I actually pinched off my mum! Its great having the same size feet haha!

Teresa x

14 July 2013

Summer Shoe Wishlist

Hello Lovelies!!!

Hope your having a lovely weekend!

I greatly lack in the shoe department and the shoes I do have are not warm weather friendly, so I decided I need to start looking at summer shoes.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

(The TOMS and Irregular Choice ones are my favourite!)

What shoes are you wishing for?

Teresa x

12 July 2013

Todays Nails #14

Hello lovelies!!!

I'm still sticking with the leopard print theme but going really crazy with the colours!

I always get loads of complements when I wear leopard print nails because they stand out so much!
Click HERE for a tutorial.

Teresa x

11 July 2013

Xtras Goody Bag!

Hello lovelies!!!

About two weeks ago I wrote THIS post on my favourite summer products and look as an entry to a beauty bloggers competition Xtras online were holding.
I didn't win first prize which was £100 to spend on their site, but I did win one of the five runner up goody bags! So I thought you might like to know what was inside.

From left to right

** OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips, I'm so exited to try this as I've never tried an OPI polish before**
**Essie to buy or not to buy, its not picked up very well in the picture but this has a hint of blue shimmer running through it, so pretty**
** Clarins instant sunlight lip balm with SPF 6, this will come in very handy at the moment since the sun has made an appearance and I don't have any lip balms with SPF**
**L'enigme D'argan organic argan oil, I haven't used an argan oil before so I'm quite exited to try this.**
** L'oreal Sublime bronze self tanning for face**
**L'oreal Glam Bronze wild instinct bronzer, this is so shimmery! I'm a bit scared to use it haha!**
** Manhattan Intense effect eye-shadow in Aqua Turquoise, this is a really pretty blue**
**Manhattan Lips2Last in 57S, I love this already, its a beautiful colour and is really pigmented**

I'm so pleased with everything I received and I'm really grateful that I was chosen as a runner up. If you would like reviews of anything here let me know in the comments (I will probably review most anyway)

I'm also having a serious case of bloggers block at the moment so if there are any posts you want to see please let me know it would be a great help!

Teresa x

09 July 2013

Leopard Print Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!!!

Leopard print is my new love for my nails at the moment I love doing it with colours like pink and blue but this tutorial is just the standard colours.

1. Paint your nails with a base coat and them paint white.

2. Using a gold or brown paint small random dots over your nails.

3. Using a cocktail stick and a black polish and create brackets around the gold dots.

4. Put black dots in any open white space to finish it off

5. Add a top coat and your done!

This is the easiest design I have ever done and its so effective too!

Do you like the leopard print manicure?

Teresa x

07 July 2013

My Favourite Summer Polishes

Hello Lovelies!!!

Summer is finally here! Although I wear bright polishes all year round, there are a few I love to wear even more in the warmer months.

From left to right...

** essie a crewed interest - I love this polish I find it the perfect neutral colour for summer.

** Rimmel London 620 How do you lilac it? - This is my go to polish when I forget to paint my toe nails and I'm wearing sandals and just about to leave the house! its not quite 60 seconds more like 5 minuets which is really great.

** Rimmel London 825 Sky High - I just love this colour, its really vibrant and stands out a lot.

** essie Bachelorette Bash - this is my favourite of the bunch, its opaque in one coat and lasts for ages and is so stunning!

What are your favourite summer polishes?

Teresa x

05 July 2013

eBay Nail Bargains

Hello lovelies!!!

I'm sure you have guessed by now that I love to paint my nails, I will spend hours pianting them sometimes!
As my love of painting my nails has grown my creativity has gone wild which led me to wanting brushes and tools to get a better result. I had a look in shops but everything was so expensive so I decided to look on eBay and I'm so glad I did because everything is so cheap!

My bargains from eBay are definetly some of my best ever buys so Im going to share my finds with you!


Dotting tools - these are so great and quite a recent purchase, for so long I was using a cocktail stick or a hair slide and for £1.49 you get 5 double ended tools so that's 10 different size dots!

Nail art brushes -The linked ones aren't the exact ones I have but they are the same, these have helped so much with the smaller detail these are £2.75 for 15 brushes!


Water transfer wraps - do you remember as a kid those temporary tattoos you used to get in packets of sweets and magazines (my favourite were the tongue ones) These are basically that  but for your nails, I haven't tried these yet so I cant say how good they are but £1.99 plus 69p P+P its not that much of a waste if they don't work.

Studs - I love these! I've used them a few times and they just look so nice, easy and effective these cost just 99p for 100!! 

Gems - these came with a free case and glue and have 3000 gems inside! I haven't counted them to see if that's true though! This is just £2.79.

Striping Tape - These are really think tape that you can use to create stripes and designs on your nails. So far I'm loving them!

That's it so far for my eBay bargains, I hope this helped if you are after some fancy stuff for your nails!

Teresa x