15 June 2013

Review:e.l.f Foundation brush

Hello lovelies!!!

Today I will be reviewing the e.l.f foundation brush. The main reason I brought this brush is because I hate foundation on my hands and I didn't want to spend loads on a brush. This seemed ideal as its only £1.50 and had great reviews on the website, although it had great reviews I was still unsure it would be that great because of its low price.

When I tried it I instantly disliked it, it left my foundation really streaky and didn't blend it at all and I hat to go over with my fingers. I tried it again with a different foundation and it was exactly the same, I was persistent with this but it just wasn't working. I tried to to blend my concealer in too but it left it still left it streaky.

The positive thing is that it didn't shed and it was soft but this is pretty useless if it doesn't blend in my foundation.

Overall I don't like this brush and it will sit by my mirror until I throw it out.

Have you tried this brush? 

Teresa x

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  1. Good to know to stay away from this one! A nice foundation brush is so worth it!

    Maddy @ www.BeautyBanterBlog.com

  2. I agree, this line of E.L.F. brushes is absolutely terrible. I tried the E.L.F. total face brush... it was horrid. The bristles were so scratchy and they would shed all over my face. When I washed it, the water was red, even though I just used it for face powder O.O
    The black E.L.F. brushes on the other hand, are really good for the price and they are for just a bit more.

    - Alexis (rambleddaydream.blogspot.ca)

  3. you should try the e.l.f. studio angled foundation brush instead. i used to have the brush you talk about in this post and i agree, it is terrible. but the angled brush is so much better as it is much more denser and blends foundation and bb creams in very well. the only down side is that you will have to clean it after every use so product will not build up, leaving a streaky affect. it's $3 here in the states.



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