09 June 2013

Review: e.l.f cream eyeliner

Hello lovelies!!!

The sunshine is still here! YAY!
I my latest e.l.f haul I picked up two of their cream eye liners in coffee and punk purple.
The colours are really nice but the are not as pigmented as I would have liked. 
The shade coffee looks quite dark in the pot but on the eye its really light and take about three coats to get it the same colour as it appears in the pot.
please excuse the fact that its not very neat in this picture!

Punk purple is a very beautiful deep purple with what looks like small pieces of glitter (only tine though) this too take a few coats to get it the same colour as it looks in the pot.

When I first used these they were quite dry in the pot but a bit of rubbing it with the brush sorted this out quite easily.
A good thing about these is that the do last all day with no fading, they also come with a little angled brush which is what I use to apply the eye liner.

These are available on the e.l.f website for £3.75.

 Have a good day!

Teresa x


  1. I have this in black. I found it's also not as dark as I'd like, takes a while to build up. Plus, it sort of moves around in the little pot. Not the best elf product I've ever tried, but still decent for the price :)

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