13 June 2013

Ombre Nail art tutorial

Hello lovelies!!!

My last Todays nails post was of a multicoloured ombre design so here is a quick tutorial on how I did it. 

1. always apply a base coat and paint your nails white.

2. using a cheap sponge (I use make up sponges mine were a pack of about 15 for about £1)  paint on you chosen colours.

3. Make sure the white is completely dry, then pat the sponge on you nails, you may need to apply the nail polish on the sponge for each nail.

4. once the first coat os dry pat on amother and keep adding coats ntil youu have the colour intensity you want (I only did 2 coats)

5. Wait for it to dry then apply a top coat.

6. It is very messy so clean up around you nails with a cotton bud dipped into polish remover.

Have fun!

Teresa x

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  1. Oh wow! rainbow nails, sooo cool :)

    Sinead || sineaddreamingagain.blogspot.ie

  2. Great tutorial! I've been wanting to try this kind of look for a while :) Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World xx

  3. Fun colors!

    Maddy @ www.BeautyBanterBlog.com


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