18 May 2013

Seven deadly sins Tag!

Hello lovelies!!!

I was tagged to to this by Hannah Heartss. (You should go check her blog out if you haven't already!)

1. GREED: what is your most expensive beauty item?
I hate spending loads of money on beauty items so its going to have to be my BB cream at £12.95

2. WRATH: which beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Ooo this is a tuff one... Probably lip gloss, I love the way it looks but hate the feel of it on my lips.

3.GLUTTONY: What brand make up is the biggest chunk of your make up collection?
I don't have a lot of make up but what I do have is mostly MUA.

4.SLOTH: what products do you neglect to use due to laziness?
Body moisturiser an exfoliator, I hate the feel of moisturiser (weird I know!) and I always forget to exfoliate.

5. PRIDE: which beauty product gives you the most confidence?
Mascara, I love long full lashes and always wear it

6. LUST: Which item is at the top of your beauty list?
Foundation, I have been after one for ages but cant find one i like (any recommendations ) also a Revlon lip butter (couldn't pick as these are both at the top)

7.ENVY: What make up product/look looks great on others but not on you?
Dark eye shadow, because I wear glasses all the time it just looks really awful and unappealing.

I tag everybody to do this!

Teresa x


  1. Ooh I love this tag.. I've just done the would you rather tag! I love tags haha xxx

    Gemma | ♥ MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

  2. Haha, love this!

    .Georgina Clare.

  3. great tag and at the price I cant stay away from MUA too

  4. which skin type are you? i've been on the hunt for a new favourite foundations so im sure i could give you a few recommendations.
    also i know exactly what you mean with exfoliating.. i just dont have time time either!! x

  5. I'm the same, I'd love to wear dark eye shadow but it just doesnt look right on me

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




  6. Lip gloss is definitely my love/hate item too - great post x


  7. love the tag. lipgloss...i can't stand it. the feeling on my lips is horrible.

  8. I love these kinds of tags! I super nosy and find them really interesting! Keep up the good work lovely!



  9. Hey!
    I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check the post out on my blog- http://the-beauty-nut.blogspot.co.uk


  10. Great tag. Try out Wake Me up Foundation by Rimmel, it's an amazing drug store foundation, i have done a review on it on my post :)



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