03 April 2013

Tangle Teezer! My new love

Hello lovelies!!!

I know it's a bit mad to say I love a brush but I do! The tangle teezer has the be the best thing I have ever brought for my hair!

The main reason I got this is because quite a big chunk of my hair is bleached and yanking it with a brush was not doing it any favours but the tangle teezer glides through my hair so easily and more importantly painless!! 

I have the origanal one and it is definetly worth every penny of its £10.99 price tag. 
The price is what put me off getting it for a long time but now wish I brought it sooner there is nothing negative about this brush it AMAZING!!!

Have you tried a tangle teezer?


  1. so cute!!! I want one too! :*

  2. I think I had better buy one to see what the fuss is about this comb...everyone I know raves on about it..seems pretty great

  3. Love your blog post and your blog!!!
    It be great if we follow each other

  4. I've still not got my hands on one of these yet and I really need to. your review is fabulous lovely and how cute is the orange colour of this one? I love it. Great post x


    Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  5. Tangle Teezer is amazing, can't live without mine x

  6. I don't understand why I've never tried this, I always want to but I think I'm put off by the price. In my training I've always used denman brushes.
    I've read so many posts on it now that I guess I have to buy it now!



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