11 April 2013

Review:Boots Botanics eye makeup remover

Hello lovelies!!!

I have been after a new eye makeup remover for ages as my Simple one just wasn't doing the job. I Went into Boots and picked up there Botanics all bright soothing eye makeup remover, I got it for £2.69 but its usually £3.99.

I literally love this product, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about it but it soon proved my wrong!
You have to give it a good shake before you use it as the ingredients separate (like water and oil) then put it on a cotton pad and take your makeup off, it is quite oily which I know some people don't like, but this is the first thing I do at night and wash my face as normal after and it takes off the oil that was left on my skin.

It's called all bright because it has hibiscus in which it a natural brightness booster but I can't say I have noticed brighter eyes.

Before I had this I really struggled to get off my mascara which is Maybelline rocket volume (trust me its a tuff one to get off!) but this takes it all off leaving nothing behind! (Happy dance!)

I will definitely repurchase this when it finishes and recommend it to anyone.

Have you tried this before?

Teresa x

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