25 April 2013

Eyebrow threading

Hello lovelies!!!

Up until about 4 weeks ago I had never done anything with my eyebrows, the only reason being is that i have a very low pain threshold so try and avoid pain when I can.

Picture taken form google images
I have to be honest and say that I am blessed with dark thick eyebrows this meant that they started to look like big slugs on my face and I had had enough!  the decision to get them threaded was the best thing I could have done!
I know the pictures are really rubbish but that's all i could get!
Threading comes from many Arab countries and uses a special thread that pulls out several hairs at once. This method means that you can get better control than waxing and pick up finer and smaller hairs than tweezing, also unlike waxing, the top of your brow can be shaped for an overall nicer look. You can also have your lips and your entire face done (I have heard the lip hurts way more than your eyebrows!)

It does hurt alot! (I cried the first time i had it done) but gets less painful each time you go. I have had mine done twice now and the second time was much less painful (no crying YAY!)
Another thing I love it its so cheap I pay just £5 (prices will vary depending on who you go to) and for that much its not even worth doing them yourself!

I am super pleased with my brows and they have never looked so good (people are constantly saying how nice they look)
I would recommend this to anybody.

Have you ever had your brows threaded? would you consider trying it?

Teresa x


  1. Hey! Ive heard threading hurts more then waxing! Ive been considering getting my eyebrows threaded instead of waxing but Im scared it would hurt to much, haha. Your eyebrows look so great, I love that full dark brow look :)


    1. It does hurt a lot haha! But it's so worth it

  2. I'm always tempted by threading but my pain threshold is incredible low too! Maybe one day i'll be able to do it!

    Sarah xx


  3. But you look fine in the first picture! You do not have to conform to the money making stereotypes put out by the media. They are just designed to make you feel bad about yourself so you will spend money to fit in with an impossible image. Dress to what suits you and is comfortable. You are obviously bright and have an eye for what looks good. So stand out from the crowd by looking different and better than your contemporaries. You can carry style for life, fashion is a waste of money as it will be different each year. If you wear what suits you, as an individual, you will be happy. And happy people are successful.

  4. Your eyebrows look great, I'm far too much of a baby to get my eyebrows threaded though. But then again I have hardly any hair so doing them isn't an option...


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