12 March 2013

Miss Amazing satchel

Hello lovelies!!!

I finally managed to get my hands on a satchel and in soooo pleased!!
I got this satchel from Miss Amazing from the Miss D collection and it was £21.99, they are usually £26.99 but I got mine with a wowcher deal.

The good points-
** it's a lovely colour and had a beautiful interior
** it has magnetic fastens I no messing around with buckles
** it has 4 inside pockets (including a phone pocket and zip)
**it has a pocket on the front
** it looks great with almost anything

The bad points-
** it's about on the large side (my mum order it so I didn't know what size it would be)
**in some lights it looks a bit orangey 
** it's not real leather 

I do really love this bag and its a good substitute while I save up the money for a Cambridge satchel.

(Please exude the bad pictures!!)

Do you have on of these?

Teresa x


  1. Hi, ive nominated you for the versatile award on my blog! xx

  2. Love this bag! The colour and shape are perfect. And the lining is so pretty :)



  3. So so pretty, I love satchel type bags, and that is a really good price! Great blog, followed :)


  4. Love the bag! its cute. :)

    http://shinebrightx18.blogspot.co.uk/ - personal blogs.

  5. I love this bag it seems so versatile :)



  6. oh this looks so amazing! A satchel is on my shopping list

    check out my blog if you have the time!


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