27 March 2013

Easter chicks nail art tutorial!

Hello lovelies!!!

This is the last Easter nail art tutorial I have for you.

1. Apply a base coat then paint your nails yellow.

2. Using a striper in white ( cocktail sticks work too) draw a zig zag line about halfway down your nail then fill in the the bottom half in white.

 4. Using a dotting tool (or cocktail stick)  draw on two black eyes and an orange nose, apply a top coat and your done!

 I love this design mainly because its the easiest of the three Easter designs I have done!

Teresa x


  1. I love this! Im going to do this tomorrow i think! So glad you did this posts, i have ideas now! x


  2. Oh my god these are adorable! I think i might do these.. and I'll have to mention you obviously :D xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. aww that is adorable I love it!! xx


  4. These are soo adorable!

    Hannah x


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