13 February 2013

Valentines nail art tutorial

Hello lovelies!!!
I'm not really that into valentines day myself but i do like to have nails that match every occasion.
So here is a quick and easy design i came up with for this loved up occasion.

1. You first need to put on a base coat to protect your nails,
2. Then apply a lighter colour to all your nails
3. Using a dotting tool draw on the shape of a heart (you can do this one just your ring fingers or on all your nails)
4. Put a top coat on and your good to go!

I practised drawing the heart on some paper first and found it was then easier when i did it on my nail.

The products i used here are:
**MUA Amaretto crush (used as base colour)
**MUA shade 6 (used as heart)
**Nails inc base coat
**Bourjois matt top coat (i left the hearts shiny)

Find my review for the MUA polishes (INSERT LINK!!!)

Have a happy valentines day!!

Teresa x


  1. I was supposed to do valentines nails last night, I smudged two and then gave up ;) well done.


  2. Such pretty nails x


  3. These look so cute and neat compared to if I was even to attempt doing my nails like this!

  4. awww soo cute, I have attempted something like this before and it just didnt work out for me but yours looks lovely,

    Pipp xx

  5. Your nails are incredible!

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