15 February 2013

Review: Mudd Face mask

Hello lovelies!!
I am really exited to share this product with you.
This was my first time using a face mask so I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up mudd original mask - deep cleansing pure clay formula (that's a bit of a mouthful!)
I first brought the trial pack for 99p from boots and was so impressed, it left my face felling very clean and clear, my pores were unclogged and my face was really soft.
You need to give it a good scrub to get off which leaves your face a bit red after but its still a great product.

strange looking face as it was really hard to smile (i look in pain  haha)
I will definitely be buying this again as the do bigger packs of either 5 or 10 applications for a 10 pack its just £4.99 so really good value.

Have you tried this before? would you give it ago?

Teresa x


  1. Might give these a try soon! Great post x


  2. I just bought these!
    Iv got a new blog and will follow back anyone who follows
    Facemask reviews and much more


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