14 February 2013

Review: MUA nail polish

Hello lovelies!!
With my last haul I brought some MUA nail polish for just £1 each and I couldn't be happier with them.
Amaretto crush                        shade 6

They come in a 6.2 ml bottle, which is perfect for me as I never finish nail varnish bottles before they go off! Its not a thin and watery as I expected it being and it gave a even finish with just 2 coats, the drying time is also quite reasonable which is good.
It has a small brush compared to other brands which for me is better as you can get closer to the edges of you nail without getting it on your skin.
I used amaretto crush on all mu nails and shade 6 for the heart,
I also have a matt top coat on.

Wear wise i have had it on for 3 days and is only just starting to chip slightly (which is better than some more expensive brands I own!)
The two shades I brought were shade 6 and amaretto crush.

Overall I really love these nail polishes and for just £1 each I will definitely be buying more very soon!!

There isn't really much more to say other than I really recommend it.

Have you tried these before?

Teresa x


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  2. I love the nails you did with the heart, looks so amazing!
    After seeing this post I think i might have to buy these nail varnishes!
    Please follow me back<3 i've followed you, would mean so much xx


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