11 February 2013

Review: MUA mascara/lip balm

Hello lovelies!!
If you saw my recent haul post you would have seen a brought MUA's £1 mascara. Since it was only £1 I wasn't expecting it to be the best thing ever made but I was expecting it be good because of the brilliant reviews it received on the website, however this was not the case, the first thing I noticed when I used it was that it had loads of loose bristles on the brush so when I put it on my lashes I got an eyeful (which was very painful!!). 

I took as much of as I could and tried again that's when I noticed that the tube actually felt empty and nothing went on to my eyelashes no matter how many layers I put on. I was very disapointed and won't be repurchasing.

To end this on a positive the love hearts lip balm I ordered was really good, not the best moisturiser but good enough to stop my lips being so dry. I would also just buy this for the colour (they do a few different shades) the one I brought was kiss me, it give just a slight hint but its is noticeable for £2 it's really good value I will be repurchasing!!

have you tried these? If so what do you think?

Teresa x


  1. That lip balm is really sweet! but shame about the mascara!

    I've just done a new photography post, wanted to know if you guys like them and if you wanna see more, would you have a look and let me know? www.beautybook13.blogspot.co.uk

  2. It's a shame the mascara was a disappointment.

    Nice blog, I'm a new followers :)

    Kimberley x


  3. That lip balm looks so cute x



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