19 February 2013

Review: Meybelline Rocket Volume Mascara

Hello Lovelies!!

After hearing many great thing about the new Maybelline rocket mascara I went out and brought myself one while it was still on the £5.99 offer (usually £7.99).

I love this mascara, I could see a noticeable difference from the first brush and the more I put on the more I fell in love.
Unfortunately i couldn't get the before picture to upload but you couldn't see my eyelashes as they are quite small.

I brought the waterproof version of this mascara and the only downside I have is that it is really hard to get off, but this wont stop me wearing it as the volume it gives is brilliant and so is the overall look, I also really like the packaging (although the non waterproof has a nice colour combination).

You can get this mascara from Boots for £5.99 for a limited time as this price is an introductory offer.

Also if anyone can recommend a good eye makeup remover that would be great.

Have you tried this? would you give it a go?

Teresa x


  1. i have this! Its so good! I didn't buy the waterproof for that reason, but I still love it!
    Gerat pictures!
    Wuld you mind following me back? It would mean alot!


    1. I just tried to look at yours but it says that it doesn't exist?

  2. Great review x


  3. The body shop waterproof eye make up remover is really nice :) Good review :)

  4. I hate this too! love it! and yeah even the non waterproof one is hard to get off!! www.cherrytruth2.blogsopt.co.uk xx


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