01 February 2013

My favourites - jewellery

Hello lovelies!!
I am completely obsessed with jewellery do I thought I would share my some of my favourite pieces with you.
I don't remember where they are all from or how much they cost so I'm sorry about that!
If i listed all my favourite jewellery this post would probably break a world record, so I'm only showing my top ones.

 I fell in love with this ring while shopping for earring for my prom, it was from Debenhams and cost £10.
the little ladybird and the butterfly make it a more cute looking and i think the rose in the middle is made out of a clay.
Next is this bracelet, i made it myself and the bead is real crystal (the picture does it no justice as it so sparkly!)
I also made these earring myself, they are made with the same bead as the bracelet(real crystal) and with 925 sterling silver chain and hook. i love these so much because they are so sparkly and look great with almost everything!

Next is this really cute owl clock necklace  its quite long and the wings open up to reveal a clock (unfortunately the clock stopped working a quite a while ago but i still wear it). i cant remember how much this was or where it was from (sorry!).
last but not least is these really cute owl earrings. They were £6 and i think they were from matalan.

Teresa x

Is you are interested in buying the earrings you can check out my facebook page and send a message to the page if you want anything. the bracelets are not for sale but if you would like to buy one, please leave a comment on this post and i will make one up, it is also available in purple.


  1. Great post! Just followed your blog, if you get a minute check mine out and maybe follow? Will be looking forward to more posts! x


    1. thank you! i will definetly check your blog out :)

  2. Replies
    1. Im a bit obsessed with owls at the moment!


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