07 February 2013

My everyday makeup!!

Hello Lovelies
 A quick post showing you what my every day makeup look is, I dont like lots of heavy make up so i always go for a quite natural look.
I start off with my foundation, for this i use No7 Beautiful skin BB cream for normal to oily skin. It cost £12.95 but has last me ages as you only need a small amount, the description says:Its unique 3-in-1 formula evens and enhances skin tone and disguises imperfections, while the nutrient-enriched formula helps to banish blemishes.
while it does even my skin tone i cant say that i use it enough to tell weather or not it banishes blemishes, but i would reccomend it as it looks really nice a natural.

Next i put on my concealer the one i use is collection 2000 illuminating touch concealler.  This is marvolous stuff, i have really dark circles under my eyes and this covers them up no problen and also makes my eyes look more awake. You can get this for £4.99
Here a before and after pictures.

All i wear on my eyes is conceler, eyeliner and mascara. the eyeliner i use is Soap & Glory supercat you can read more about this in a previous post here You can get this for £6 and its really easy to use and give a nice clean sharp edge.
For mascara I am currently in between, I did used to use benefit bad gal blue but that was discontinued (such a sad shame) since then I have been flicking between different black mascara and have not found one I want. I have ordered one so I will let you all know how that one works.
What look do you go for on a daily basis? Natural or bold and making a statement?

Teresa x

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