20 February 2013

Ji Ji Kiki - My new discovery!

Hello Lovelies!!

Being a lover of things that are a bit different I was really happy to find this really cute website that sells jewellery, clothes and other accessories that I have never come across before. 
The website is http://www.jijikiki.com/.

After browsing through I thought I would show you my few favorite pieces. After spending quite a bit of money yesterday (haul coming soon!) I cannot buy anything just yet but it doesn't stop me looking.

Lovelephants Necklace
First up is this really adorable Lovelephants necklace, it is so sweet, small and cute, this costs Just £7.50.
Red Studded Bow Bag

These next two Items are my favorite from Ji Ji Kiki. I always love to buy new bags because they are something I guarantee I am going to use since I never leave the house without one (I don't even know what I keep in most of them!) I always feel very lost without one!
The first bag is this really gorgeous tomato red bag. Its made from super soft faux leather and it is fully lined on the inside, the simple but very effective studded bow just adds that little bit extra and makes it much more interesting to look at, I really love that it has a long strap as for me this makes it much more wearable and practical. This has a really good price of just £18!! (maybe i can beg my mum?)
A Hint of Mint Bag 

This beautiful A hint of mint bag Is Joint first with the one above (I literally cannot pick between the two!!). at first look I thought this was going to be quite fiddly to use due to the buckles but after reading the description they have cleverly hidden magnetic clasps under the big buckle. 
This bag is also made from soft faux leather and the inside is lined with sunshine yellow (Bringing you sunshine every time you open it!) The top handle is removable But I cant imagine myself taking it off as it adds to the bag, this bag also has a long strap. 
It is also at a really good price of just £26!!

Whilst browsing the Bracelets and Rings section I came across this Mystery Bag. I have never seen anything like this before and I think that its a really good idea. You can choose from a £10 or £20 Mystery bag, it contains items up to the value of the bag and you wont know what your getting until it arrives (Its like a present to yourself!) 

£10 Mystery Bag (+)
It could contain Jewellery, beauty products or hair accessories  They wont send sweets or DIY bits and you can choose weather you want earring in or not (in case you don't have pierced ears!).
After going through all their products it safe to say that there is nothing i would be disappointed to receive in the Mystery bag.

Next is a Chocolate cake ring!! Its a slice of chocolate cake on a ceramic plate topped with whipped cream, a strawberry and a black cherry its a chocolate cake on your finger!!! (Not edible though!)
Chocolate Cake Slice Ring
It is so cute and so detailed it just has to be brought. The plate is securely attached to a silver tone adjustable ring and costs just £8.75.

I will end this post with this last (lovely) item. 
Vintage Rose Teacup Stud Earrings (+)

These beautiful vintage Rose stud earrings are just stunning!! 
They are hand drawn on shrink plastic ( I love shrink plastic) and attached to silver plated earrings with bullet backs, they are very detailed, delicate looking and very pretty.
You can get these little beauties for just £6!

Have you brought anything form here before?

Teresa x

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