08 February 2013

February Wishlist

Hello lovelies!!
Just a quick post sharing with you my wishlist for this month.
Im a little bit fed up with the cold now summer needs to hurry up!!!

The two dresses in the picture are from Karma Clothing they are only £9.99 each (which is great value in my opinion!!)

The top is from Republic and its £16, its just really nice and summery.

I have wanted a tangle teezer for so long because my hair (although its short) is really knotty and since I'm trying to grow it i don't think that yanking it with a brush is the best thing to do.
these are £10.99 from Boots 

what's on your wishlist this month?

Teresa x


  1. I really want the tangle teezer!x


  2. Tangle Teesers are amazing, you'll love it :) x

  3. Tangle Teezers are so so so good! and I love the dresses, lovely colours :)
    Great blog too, will like it now :)

    gracierosee.blogspot.co.uk xx


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