18 February 2013

Confessions of a blogger TAG

Hello lovelies!!!
How had you weekend been? I have seen this tag floating around and decided to join in (talk about being a sheep!!)

1. How long does it take you to edit/write a post?

This really depends on the post, if its a review it can take me about half an hour a haul if I'm honest I don't really know!

2. Are you a spender or saver?

Definitely a saver although occasionally i do like to treat myself even though it kills me to spend money.

3. What type of post do you enjoy writing or recording?

I love to write hauls, reviews and the how to posts.

4. do you friends and family know about your blog?

No they don't, i tried to tell them but got ignored and i told my friend and she just laughed so i gave up trying to say anything.

5. What clothing item do you wear way to much?

My onesie (all the time in the house!) and my burgundy chinos.

6. Are you more likely to buy a bag or pair of shoes?

This is a tuff one because i love bags and shoes equally, it would probably be a bag because although i love shoes i hate shoe shopping because my fee are very strangely shaped.

7. Are the outfits you post generally what you wear out?

I haven't yet done one of these posts but when i do yes they would be because it just seems daft to get dressed up for a picture then to get changed again.

 8.  Who or what inspired you to start you blog or channel?

Zoella and sprinklofglitter... i love reading their posts so i was bored one day and thought why not? i have nothing else to do.

9. whats your style mantra?

I don't really have a style have have always struggled to reflect myself though clothes but i think style should reflect you and make you feel good.

That it for the tag, i tag you all to do this.

Teresa x


  1. Haha great answers! I'm a spender but I wish I was a saver :')

    .Georgina Clare.

  2. Nice blog, I'm a new follower :)
    Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter inspired me too! I love their posts and their YouTube videos!
    My friend knows about my blog, she has one too!

    Myblog: http://www.thebeautypier.blogspot.com
    Myfriendsblog: http://www.lozzanailedit.blogspot.com


  3. Nice post :) Love the picture haha!

  4. Great Post!


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