12 February 2013

25 Facts About Me!!

Hello lovelies!!
i have seen this going around for a while now and thought, why not do it myself? So hope you enjoy!!

1. I am completely obsessed with exclamation points!!

2. I am so obsessed an in love with horses, i often wonder if i was one in a previous life.

3. i am very shy at first then people realise I'm a complete nutter!!

4. i am currently in the middle of crocheting a scarf.

5. My room is decorated really nice but is so messy i cant see the floor (its constantly like this!!)

6. i can play the saxophone.

7. i love reading books with vampires in. (eg the vampire diaries, the morganville vampires)

8. I have reached they grand age of  17 without ever having a boyfriend (or even been asked out!).

9. i still sleep with my favourite teddy on my bed.

10. i used to love art but school killed the love i once had by not letting us paint/draw in out own way and how we saw things. 9this annoyed me so much that i dropped art in high school!)

11. I love crime programmes.

12. I love food to much.

13. i hate the smell of cooking beef (makes me gag!)

14. I have no idea what i want to do with my life.

15. Buffets and online shopping are my weaknesses.

16.  I love gorey things!

17. I'm writing this post instead of doing my homework (oops!)

18.I fractured my coccyx when i was 11, had an absest there when i was 13 and still haven't recovered at 17

19. grapes and apples are my favourite fruit.

20. i always look at clothes and makeup online but never buy anything.

20. I let my dog sleep on the sofa when I'm home alone (he is not allowed to be on the sofa!)

21. My favourite colour is red

22. I love my ice watch so much that the only time it comes off is for showers and sleep.

23. i have been wearing glasses since i was in year 4 and hate them.

24. I love to watch my dog sleep (is that weird?)

25. I'm always cold.



  1. Your scarf looks awesome! I wish I could crochet

    1. Thanks I only learnt how to do it recently

  2. I love crocheting, I find it really therapeutic! Ive still not got around to doing this post!


  3. Great post, i dont like the smell of beef cooking too x



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