28 February 2013

February Favourites!!

Hello lovelies!!!
There are a few products I have been loving this month some I have had a while some just recently.

**Nails Inc crackle effects. I have been loving these so much I have had crackle nails almost all month ( see my review here)
** Maybelline rocket volume mascara. I have finally found a mascara that I love!! (See my review here)
** Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner. It's so easy to use and looks really nice ( see my review here)
** Tangle Teezer. This has to be the most amazing thing I have ever brought for my hair.
** lynx attract for her I had this for Christmas and have worn it everyday since!

I have also been loving my salt lamp, it is just a lump of salt with a bulb, it absorbs moisture from the air  and when it's turned on it purifies the air, but I love it mostly for the lovely warm glow it gives off (I have it on every night while I sleep) its so relaxing!!

What are your favourites for this month?

Teresa x

Ps. dont forget to go and check out an exlusive discount just for my blog readers here!!

26 February 2013

Discount Just for you!!

Hello lovelies!!!

I have an exculsive discount code just for the readers of my blog (thats you!)

It is a code for http://www.jijikiki.com/

You may have read my previous post about some items from their site and they got in touch and offered me and the readers of my blog a 15% discount code!!

The code is SUNSHINE and is valid until the 10th March 2013

Happy shopping!!

I would love to know if you buy anything!!

Teresa x

22 February 2013

A bit of a change

Hello lovelies!!

As you may have notice i have got myself a new header, after struggling greatly with it the joyful moment when it worked was great (although its still a bit big anyone know how to get it smaller height wise?)
Please let me know what you think of it (Be honest!)

Teresa x

Haul!! Primark, Boots and Superdrug!!

Hello lovelies!!

So against all my bones in my body (I hate spending money!) I went out shopping and brought myself a few nice things.
First stop was boots, in here I picked up a tangle teezer (finally!!) in bright orange and a pack of not very interesting cotton wool pads. I had no intention of going into Superdrug but while walking past I noticed they had the Original Source body wash for £1.13 and couldn't resist getting the vanilla and raspberry one ( it smells like strawberry ice cream!! I could just eat it).

On to primark and I have to say I'm not that much of a fan of primark but they had some good stuff on this time round. 
The first item I picked up was this horse print top, I love anything with horses and I thought that this was really cute and quite simple.
This was £7

Close up of the collar

Next was a maxi skirt, I have never wore a maxi skirt before but I do wear maxi dresses in the summer as i'm not very keen on getting my legs out! this skirt is really light which ideal for the warmer weather (If we get any this year!).
This cost £12

The final item I got was this floral print dress it cost £10, it looks quite shapeless on the picture but when its on it looks much better.

if you have any suggestions of posts you would like to see please let me know as i don't want to write things you don't like to read.

Teresa x

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21 February 2013

Outfit of the day #1

Hello lovelies!!!

Today I thought I would share what I am wearing. I love this outfit because it is casual enough for in the day but nice enough for an evening meal out.

This top was a birthday present, I don't know the price but it is from new look.

These are my absolute favourite trousers, they were £30 from republic

These shoes were £22 (I think) from Brantano 

let me know if you like these types of posts. 

Teresa x

20 February 2013

Ji Ji Kiki - My new discovery!

Hello Lovelies!!

Being a lover of things that are a bit different I was really happy to find this really cute website that sells jewellery, clothes and other accessories that I have never come across before. 
The website is http://www.jijikiki.com/.

After browsing through I thought I would show you my few favorite pieces. After spending quite a bit of money yesterday (haul coming soon!) I cannot buy anything just yet but it doesn't stop me looking.

Lovelephants Necklace
First up is this really adorable Lovelephants necklace, it is so sweet, small and cute, this costs Just £7.50.
Red Studded Bow Bag

These next two Items are my favorite from Ji Ji Kiki. I always love to buy new bags because they are something I guarantee I am going to use since I never leave the house without one (I don't even know what I keep in most of them!) I always feel very lost without one!
The first bag is this really gorgeous tomato red bag. Its made from super soft faux leather and it is fully lined on the inside, the simple but very effective studded bow just adds that little bit extra and makes it much more interesting to look at, I really love that it has a long strap as for me this makes it much more wearable and practical. This has a really good price of just £18!! (maybe i can beg my mum?)
A Hint of Mint Bag 

This beautiful A hint of mint bag Is Joint first with the one above (I literally cannot pick between the two!!). at first look I thought this was going to be quite fiddly to use due to the buckles but after reading the description they have cleverly hidden magnetic clasps under the big buckle. 
This bag is also made from soft faux leather and the inside is lined with sunshine yellow (Bringing you sunshine every time you open it!) The top handle is removable But I cant imagine myself taking it off as it adds to the bag, this bag also has a long strap. 
It is also at a really good price of just £26!!

Whilst browsing the Bracelets and Rings section I came across this Mystery Bag. I have never seen anything like this before and I think that its a really good idea. You can choose from a £10 or £20 Mystery bag, it contains items up to the value of the bag and you wont know what your getting until it arrives (Its like a present to yourself!) 

£10 Mystery Bag (+)
It could contain Jewellery, beauty products or hair accessories  They wont send sweets or DIY bits and you can choose weather you want earring in or not (in case you don't have pierced ears!).
After going through all their products it safe to say that there is nothing i would be disappointed to receive in the Mystery bag.

Next is a Chocolate cake ring!! Its a slice of chocolate cake on a ceramic plate topped with whipped cream, a strawberry and a black cherry its a chocolate cake on your finger!!! (Not edible though!)
Chocolate Cake Slice Ring
It is so cute and so detailed it just has to be brought. The plate is securely attached to a silver tone adjustable ring and costs just £8.75.

I will end this post with this last (lovely) item. 
Vintage Rose Teacup Stud Earrings (+)

These beautiful vintage Rose stud earrings are just stunning!! 
They are hand drawn on shrink plastic ( I love shrink plastic) and attached to silver plated earrings with bullet backs, they are very detailed, delicate looking and very pretty.
You can get these little beauties for just £6!

Have you brought anything form here before?

Teresa x

19 February 2013

A not so healthy snack

Hello lovelies!!!

I had to share this with you because it is delicious.
Sometime last year Philadelphia teamed up with Cadburys to make Philadelphia with Cadbury chocolate and it is AMAZING!!

The way I like to eat this is on plain digestive biscuits, this is heaven for me although since its not very healthy I don't have it that often.

In my opinion the more chocolate on top the better.

I know this post was a bit random, but I just had to share this yummy combination

What unhealthy snack do you love? would you try this if you haven't already?

Teresa x

Review: Meybelline Rocket Volume Mascara

Hello Lovelies!!

After hearing many great thing about the new Maybelline rocket mascara I went out and brought myself one while it was still on the £5.99 offer (usually £7.99).

I love this mascara, I could see a noticeable difference from the first brush and the more I put on the more I fell in love.
Unfortunately i couldn't get the before picture to upload but you couldn't see my eyelashes as they are quite small.

I brought the waterproof version of this mascara and the only downside I have is that it is really hard to get off, but this wont stop me wearing it as the volume it gives is brilliant and so is the overall look, I also really like the packaging (although the non waterproof has a nice colour combination).

You can get this mascara from Boots for £5.99 for a limited time as this price is an introductory offer.

Also if anyone can recommend a good eye makeup remover that would be great.

Have you tried this? would you give it a go?

Teresa x

18 February 2013

Confessions of a blogger TAG

Hello lovelies!!!
How had you weekend been? I have seen this tag floating around and decided to join in (talk about being a sheep!!)

1. How long does it take you to edit/write a post?

This really depends on the post, if its a review it can take me about half an hour a haul if I'm honest I don't really know!

2. Are you a spender or saver?

Definitely a saver although occasionally i do like to treat myself even though it kills me to spend money.

3. What type of post do you enjoy writing or recording?

I love to write hauls, reviews and the how to posts.

4. do you friends and family know about your blog?

No they don't, i tried to tell them but got ignored and i told my friend and she just laughed so i gave up trying to say anything.

5. What clothing item do you wear way to much?

My onesie (all the time in the house!) and my burgundy chinos.

6. Are you more likely to buy a bag or pair of shoes?

This is a tuff one because i love bags and shoes equally, it would probably be a bag because although i love shoes i hate shoe shopping because my fee are very strangely shaped.

7. Are the outfits you post generally what you wear out?

I haven't yet done one of these posts but when i do yes they would be because it just seems daft to get dressed up for a picture then to get changed again.

 8.  Who or what inspired you to start you blog or channel?

Zoella and sprinklofglitter... i love reading their posts so i was bored one day and thought why not? i have nothing else to do.

9. whats your style mantra?

I don't really have a style have have always struggled to reflect myself though clothes but i think style should reflect you and make you feel good.

That it for the tag, i tag you all to do this.

Teresa x

17 February 2013

Happy Sunday

Hello lovelies!!

Don't you just love Sundays? I certainly do, they have a really relaxed chilled out feel to them and I always feel like everything is so much better on a Sunday.

I usually spend my Sunday spending time with the family or lounging around in my onesie doing nothing but watching Sunday TV.

In the evening I will have a lovely bath with a lush bath bomb in preparation for the busy week ahead.

Do you love Sundays as much as me? How do you spend you day?

Teresa x

15 February 2013

Beauty wishlist

Hello lovelies!!
Just a quick post to share with you my beauty wishlist, I am going shopping sometime this weekend so hopefully I will be able to get a few things.

First up is the Illamasqua Nail polish from their new " I'm Perfection" collection,
I want the two colours Speckle and fragile. They are £14.50 for a 15ml bottle, personally I think this is quite expensive.
This shade is fragile.
Next up is the new Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara. I have heard so many good things about this mascara and really need to get my hands on it while it is still £5.99 (usually £7.99)

Another item on my wishlist is the Benefit Hello Flawless oxygen wow foundation, I love benefit makeup and really wanted to give this a try as I am running out of my current foundation, This is priced at £24.50 for 30ml (the price is what I always dislike about Benefit makeup!)

The last item on my list is Liz Earle Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser, Again I have seen so many good things about this and since my skin is never in good condition and I cant ever seem to find a face wash that works I thinks its time I invest in a bottle of this. It is priced at £14.25 for the 100ml pump starter kit from the Liz Earle website.

Have you tired any of these? what is on your beauty wishlist?

If you have any suggestions for posts you would like to see please leave them in the comments.

Teresa x

Review: Mudd Face mask

Hello lovelies!!
I am really exited to share this product with you.
This was my first time using a face mask so I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up mudd original mask - deep cleansing pure clay formula (that's a bit of a mouthful!)
I first brought the trial pack for 99p from boots and was so impressed, it left my face felling very clean and clear, my pores were unclogged and my face was really soft.
You need to give it a good scrub to get off which leaves your face a bit red after but its still a great product.

strange looking face as it was really hard to smile (i look in pain  haha)
I will definitely be buying this again as the do bigger packs of either 5 or 10 applications for a 10 pack its just £4.99 so really good value.

Have you tried this before? would you give it ago?

Teresa x

14 February 2013

Review: MUA nail polish

Hello lovelies!!
With my last haul I brought some MUA nail polish for just £1 each and I couldn't be happier with them.
Amaretto crush                        shade 6

They come in a 6.2 ml bottle, which is perfect for me as I never finish nail varnish bottles before they go off! Its not a thin and watery as I expected it being and it gave a even finish with just 2 coats, the drying time is also quite reasonable which is good.
It has a small brush compared to other brands which for me is better as you can get closer to the edges of you nail without getting it on your skin.
I used amaretto crush on all mu nails and shade 6 for the heart,
I also have a matt top coat on.

Wear wise i have had it on for 3 days and is only just starting to chip slightly (which is better than some more expensive brands I own!)
The two shades I brought were shade 6 and amaretto crush.

Overall I really love these nail polishes and for just £1 each I will definitely be buying more very soon!!

There isn't really much more to say other than I really recommend it.

Have you tried these before?

Teresa x

13 February 2013

Valentines nail art tutorial

Hello lovelies!!!
I'm not really that into valentines day myself but i do like to have nails that match every occasion.
So here is a quick and easy design i came up with for this loved up occasion.

1. You first need to put on a base coat to protect your nails,
2. Then apply a lighter colour to all your nails
3. Using a dotting tool draw on the shape of a heart (you can do this one just your ring fingers or on all your nails)
4. Put a top coat on and your good to go!

I practised drawing the heart on some paper first and found it was then easier when i did it on my nail.

The products i used here are:
**MUA Amaretto crush (used as base colour)
**MUA shade 6 (used as heart)
**Nails inc base coat
**Bourjois matt top coat (i left the hearts shiny)

Find my review for the MUA polishes (INSERT LINK!!!)

Have a happy valentines day!!

Teresa x

12 February 2013

Pancake day!!

Hello lovelies!!

In case you didn't know it was pancake day today (woop!)

I love a good pancake, I'm never to adventurous with pancakes and usually just stick with the same yummy sugar and lemon juice (YUM!) I would love to try nutella on them one day. I could literally live on pancakes.

Pancake recipe i used:

  • 120 g plain flour
  • eggs
  • 300 ml milk
  • vegetable oil, for frying


1. Sift the flour into a bowl and make a well in the centre. Add the eggs and beat with a whisk or fork. Gradually beat in the milk, drawing in the flour from around the edge, until you have a smooth batter. 

2. Cover and leave to stand in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 

3. Heat a little oil in a 18cm heavy-based frying pan, tilting the pan to spread the oil evenly. 

4. Pour in just enough batter to thinly coat the base of the pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes until golden on the under side. Flip over, and cook the other side until golden. 

5. Transfer to a plate and keep warm. 

6. Repeat with the remaining batter to make eight pancakes.

They were very yummy!

Hope you had a nice pancake day!!

Teresa x

25 Facts About Me!!

Hello lovelies!!
i have seen this going around for a while now and thought, why not do it myself? So hope you enjoy!!

1. I am completely obsessed with exclamation points!!

2. I am so obsessed an in love with horses, i often wonder if i was one in a previous life.

3. i am very shy at first then people realise I'm a complete nutter!!

4. i am currently in the middle of crocheting a scarf.

5. My room is decorated really nice but is so messy i cant see the floor (its constantly like this!!)

6. i can play the saxophone.

7. i love reading books with vampires in. (eg the vampire diaries, the morganville vampires)

8. I have reached they grand age of  17 without ever having a boyfriend (or even been asked out!).

9. i still sleep with my favourite teddy on my bed.

10. i used to love art but school killed the love i once had by not letting us paint/draw in out own way and how we saw things. 9this annoyed me so much that i dropped art in high school!)

11. I love crime programmes.

12. I love food to much.

13. i hate the smell of cooking beef (makes me gag!)

14. I have no idea what i want to do with my life.

15. Buffets and online shopping are my weaknesses.

16.  I love gorey things!

17. I'm writing this post instead of doing my homework (oops!)

18.I fractured my coccyx when i was 11, had an absest there when i was 13 and still haven't recovered at 17

19. grapes and apples are my favourite fruit.

20. i always look at clothes and makeup online but never buy anything.

20. I let my dog sleep on the sofa when I'm home alone (he is not allowed to be on the sofa!)

21. My favourite colour is red

22. I love my ice watch so much that the only time it comes off is for showers and sleep.

23. i have been wearing glasses since i was in year 4 and hate them.

24. I love to watch my dog sleep (is that weird?)

25. I'm always cold.


11 February 2013

Review: MUA mascara/lip balm

Hello lovelies!!
If you saw my recent haul post you would have seen a brought MUA's £1 mascara. Since it was only £1 I wasn't expecting it to be the best thing ever made but I was expecting it be good because of the brilliant reviews it received on the website, however this was not the case, the first thing I noticed when I used it was that it had loads of loose bristles on the brush so when I put it on my lashes I got an eyeful (which was very painful!!). 

I took as much of as I could and tried again that's when I noticed that the tube actually felt empty and nothing went on to my eyelashes no matter how many layers I put on. I was very disapointed and won't be repurchasing.

To end this on a positive the love hearts lip balm I ordered was really good, not the best moisturiser but good enough to stop my lips being so dry. I would also just buy this for the colour (they do a few different shades) the one I brought was kiss me, it give just a slight hint but its is noticeable for £2 it's really good value I will be repurchasing!!

have you tried these? If so what do you think?

Teresa x

10 February 2013

How to: Vial necklace

Hello lovelies!!

I came across this cute idea a few weeks ago (I can't remember where from!) and thought I would share how to make this necklace as its really easy and inexpensive.

You will need:
** a glass vial with a cork in the size of your choice
** 1 meter chain
** 1 head pin
** PVA glue (tacky glue is good it also has a thin nozzle which is ideal)
** different shade of coloured card
** a heart shaped puncher (the hearts need to be small enough to fit inside the vial)
** round nose pliers
** flat nose pliers
**wire cutters

First you need to cut out the hearts from the cards enough to fill the vial leaving enough room for the cork.

Then you need to push the head pin through the cork, trim the end and create a loop with the round nose pliers.

Then fill the vial with the hearts and glue around the bottom edge of the cork and push it in firmly.

measure the chain around you neck (make sure it is big enough to fit over you head!)
Once you have your length cut the excess chain off. open the loop at the top of the cork with the flat nose pliers, put the ends of the chain in and then close the loop back up.

Let the glue completely dry before you wear it!

I brought the chain and a pack of 50 head pins from the local craft/garden centre for £1 each, the vials from there as well for £3.85 for a pack of 10. the glue, card, pliers, cutters and heart puncher from my mums craft cupboard.
You can also fill the vials with things like glitter, small gemstones, sand or a really nice idea for a present it to make this and put a little note in the vial (but don't glue the cork or they wont be able to read it!!)

If you decide to have a go, let me know how you got on.

Teresa x

09 February 2013

Review: Nails inc crackle effect

Hello lovelies!!!
I was very exited to get the Nails Inc crackle effect set for Christmas and I love them!! I have only used them a few times but fell in love with the first use!!

They are easy to use and have a really great effect. They dry matt so put a top coat on if you want shine but they look just as good without!
Gold crackle effect

Purple crackle effect
The brush is quite small which is good because you wont spill over the edges as easily, the crackle takes about 10 seconds to develop and gets more crackley (is that even a word??) as it dries.

 You have to make sure that the base colour is completely dry before you apply the crackle
They are £11 each at boots
on the Nail inc website some colour are £5 some are £11

I would definitely recommend them, although not sure if I would buy them my self as the Barry M crackle is just as good but loads cheaper.

Have you used these before? do you know of any other brands with cranckle effect?

Teresa x

Valentines day gifts

Hello lovelies!!!

With valentines day approaching (love is in the air, naa naa na naa na naa)
I thought you may need some gift inspiration!
So here a just a few cute gift ideas I have found

1. personalised "i heart" bear

This cute little bear comes with personailed jumper (red, cream or navy) With any name embroided alongside " I Love"
this bear costs £19.99 and you can buy it from gettingpersonal.co.uk

2. Personalised tree carving print.

This really sweet print come in 3 sizes (A5, A4 or A3) with prices ranging from £3.99 - £7.99.
This is perfect for thoses hard to buy for people. 
this is also from gettingpersonal.co.uk

3.  Heart shaped silicone cupcake cases (12 pack)
This is really cute to bake your loved one cute cupcakes this valentines day!
For a pack of 12 they are £9 and avalible to buy from john Lewis.

4. Valentines day treasure hunt game.

Personalise this game with your own clues/instructions and use the arrows to help your loved one find you.
This is cute for a bit of fun on valentines day and really cheap at just £2.50 from Marks and Spencer

5. Valentines love collection

This is really sweet for a romantic night in this inculeds every thing you see in the picture exept the glasses
This cost £30 and is also from Marks and Spencer

I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day weather you are on your own or not.

What have you brought your partner this valentines day?

Teresa x