04 January 2013


Hi everyone!!

Welcome to my blog!
a little bit of everything will go on here so hopefully its to your taste. I will be doing beauty, fashion, baking(I LOVE cake!) reviews and anything interesting that happens in my day to day life.
let me know if you have any topics you want covering here on my blog. 
All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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  1. Hi there, I found your blog via a mutual friends Twitter post. I liked your writing and picked a couple of blogs at random to read. I was surprised at your age when I read your profile, you come across as older. I apologise if my comments are unwelcome. They are after all those of a fifty two year old male with a daughter of twenty ons and a son of eighteen, so not part of your usual catchment and you probably hear it at home all the time. Feel free to delete them if you wish, my words are not cherished. I probably will not have cause to come back anyway.
    Have a great rest of your life, keep the blog going, write a book, don't fret about exams. Just prove adequate competence and smile. It is preferable to an employer to spend their working days with a happy, competent person than a dull expert with nothing to say.


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