10 January 2013

Sud up with Soap & Glory

Aaa I do live a bit of soap & Glory be that their make-up or their soapy things. I love them so much I have decided to share my favourite few with you.

First up to dance on the catwalk is Supercat eyeliner pen, I haven't been wearing eyeliner long and in the beginning found any sort of eyeliner really hard to apply, but when I saw this for only £6!! i brought it instantly and was pleased to find that it made the whole process much easier. The tip has a continuous supply if eyeliner so you don't have to keep dipping it back in a pot and the fine end makes it easy to get precision with any look you go for. 
The only negative about this is that after a good few hours of wear it does start to fade but that's not really a problem as You can just fill it in, also if you want to wear it thick you do get a slight imprint on your eyelid, but overall it's great to use when staring out!!
Sticking with the make-up lets all move on to super-colour Sexy Mother Pucker plumping lip gloss  Well not only does it look great because of the slight shimmery pinkyness that goes on, but it does actually make your lips look slightly fuller . When you apply it, it will gradually star to tingle to a point when you feel like your lips are vibrating!! 
 At £9 I would say its good value for what it does, even if you only buy it for the colour and shimmer it gives your lips.
Now we venture in to all thing soapy and moisturising. The Righteous Butter lotion, this body lotion is FANTASTIC it smells amazing, doesn't leave you feeling sticky and does a great job of moistourising every inch of you. there is not really anything else i can say about this just that its brill and great value for only £10!! (i ran out not long ago so couldn't take a picture of my own)
Now time to feed those dry hands of your with Hand Food hand cream. For me finding a good hand cream is essential as i constantly have dry chapped hands due to being a floirstry student. this hand cream makes my hands moistourised, soft and supple and the smell s incredible!!
there are 3 different size bottles you can get this in
**50ml -£2.50 great to pop in your bag for on the go use**
**125ml - £5**
**250ml(pump) - £7**
And finally we have Clean on me creamy clarifying shower gel. This has a built in body lotion so you can clean and get smooth skin at the same time! this product is great, it feels amazing when going on and smells amaaaziiing!! for 500ml in a pump action bottle its £5.50.

All the prices shown in this post are from the boots website as boots is where I buy these products from here is a link to the Soap & Glory shop within boots website.
i would love to hear about your favourite Soap & Glory products so leave me a comment!


  1. I went out and brought the hand food hand cream after reading your blog, very pleased with it and it smells amazing!


    1. Great to know you are as pleased with it as me, The smell is what lead me to it first


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