20 January 2013

Spot treatment that WORKS!!

I don't really suffer bad from spots (spots,zits,pimples whatever you want to call them)but I occasionally get a few and when I do they linger round for ages! So a few weeks ago I was routing through the cupboards to see if anything would help and I came across Sudocrem, it works wonders on my spots!! I put it on at night as it stays on the surface of your skin for a while leaving a very white patch, but by the morning my spots are eaither completely gone or dried up!! You don't even need a lot so 1 tub will last you ages.
 It is antiseptic so it should be good at getting rid of even big bad spots!! Plus it's mainly used for nappy rash so will be gentle on your skin

Do you have any miracle spot destroyers? I would love to hear about them.
Ps. Clothes hauls and beauty reviews coming up soon!!


  1. I've never tried this as it looks quite tough and scary! I use a face mask by Temple Spa called Purification and it gets rid of all my spots instantly!

    Christina from Passion Obsession x

    1. I definetly recommend you try it even for just the odd one


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