20 January 2013

Snow days!!

Recently it's been snowing quite a bit in England. Where I live we have had about 4 inches (I know it doesn't sound a lot but its the most I have ever had) and the temperature has been constantly below zero.
So with this cold weather upon us i have spent my days either tucked up inside wearing either my blue leopard print onsie or my grey onesie with peach hearts, or outside (still in my onesie) playing with my beautiful 8 month old puppy Murfie!!
As i write this my dog is curled up at my feet sleeping and its still snowing but only lightly.
i haven't got any pictures of me in the snow but here are a few with my dog!!

He is a miniature Labradoodle.

What are you doing in the snow? do you love it or hate it?

Teresa xx


  1. I absolutely love snow! It's gorgeous to look at and I love watching it fall. It's so annoying having to scrape the car every morning and slipping on the ice though!

    Christina from Passion Obsession x

    1. Yeah I agree it can be annoying but it is so beautiful

  2. Aw your dog is lovely! I love looking at the snow, I just hate going out in it - brrr!
    Frankie xx


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