08 January 2013

River Island Haul

I don't normally shop in River Island, not because I don't like what they sell but because I have my few favourite shops that I stick to but After receiving gift voucher for Christmas I decided that today was the day to spend them. So after what felt like endless browsing in a wide variety if shops I finally found what I wanted in River Island.

First up is this T-shirt, I love it because of the design and the small brassy studs and at only £16 I was quite impressed, its super comfy and looks better on than it did on the hanger.
I love it when I see someone with a few different bracelets on so next up was these bracelets. I personally think they are quite pricey for what that are at £10 but I am tight with my money. But I love them anyway!! (and they go great with the top above)
Next is another T-shirt this one is slightly see through, so if you don't like to be on show I would wear a vest top under! This also has studs on as I'm taking quite a liking to them this one is £22 (is it just me or are things getting more expensive these days?)

Anyhoo thanks for reading my blog if you enjoy them please follow as I try really hard with them. Thanks!! Xx

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